Who We Are

 Law Society Pakistan The Law Firm is sister concern of  Bajwa Law Chambers which was established since 1962 in  Lahore, Ch. Rafique Ahmad Bajwa Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan late was the founder of Bajwa Law Chamber. Sir Shauket Rafique Bajwa Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan joined legendary Ch. Rafique Ahmad Bajwa in 1973. Ch. Rafique Ahmad Bajwa Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan late was a great legal mind and he made an early  recognition in the field  of  law. soon after starting advocacy he became renowned  lawyer  and was very well respected in fraternity, he was great political mind and is one of the most undisputed and respected political leader in history of Pakistan.we had been connected with lot of historical constitutional  cases we have also played a vital part in establishing case law on many vital law points. After the demise of the  legend, Sir Shauket Rafique Bajwa Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan became CEO of Bajwa Law Chambers and under his supervision and guidance Law Society Pakistan “The Law Firm”, sister concern of Bajwa Law Chambers was created to meet with the requirements of  modern era. After creation of Law Society Pakistan “The Law Firm”, we went online and  started providing legal services to overseas clients.This step made over recognition globalised and presently we have considerable number of individual  international clients, multinational companies, Since 1962 Bajwa Law Chambers/ Law Society Pakistan “The Law Firm” is providing best legal services to litigants, without exaggeration,    we have thousand of satisfied clients around the globe.The law society Pakistan facilitates and provide services that enable a single window reliable and accountable service operation for a wide array of needs. this means we work through umbrella of selected professionals who are experts in their own fields and have been verified & approved by our team.

Our Commitment

Law Society Pakistan “The Law Firm”have excelled in the field Law since its inception and is ranked among the  best Law Firm in Pakistan. Law Society Pakistan “The Law Firm” believe in accuracy of advice. The Client’s interests are paramount for our associates and each client is regularly consulted and updated at every stage of the legal process. Law Society Pakistan “The Law Firm” Mission is providing a fast, efficient and responsive legal service without losing sight of the quality of advice they need to give. The importance of high quality standard is never under-estimated and we are strongly committed to adding value through a unique partnership with our clients; this is reflected in our long term client relationship. Law Society Pakistan “The Law Firm” help its clients to  achieve their goals by providing the highest level of technical legal expertise and also by building strong and honest working relationships and are constantly striving to improve in all aspects.

Practice Areas


Criminal Matters

Law Society Pakistan “The Law Firm” team consists on  experienced lawyers/attorneys who are expert in criminal prosecutions and defense. Our team gives well reasoned  analysis on legal issues. We also represent our clients in criminal trial and appellate work starting from the magisterial Court upto august Supreme Court of Pakistan. Our team protects victims of white collar crime. In addition to normal criminal trial, our team is expert in Summary trial, NAB and to conduct trials in Anti Terrorist Court, Anti Corruption Court and all other special courts. The Law society Pakistan law Firm is reputed law firm among Pakistani Law Firms.

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Civil Matters


Family Matters

Law Society Pakistan “The Law Firm” is well reputed and one of top law firm of pakistan We are the best law firm of Lahore Pakistan with top lawyers team we provide services for foreign Marriage in Pakistan, divorce for overseas pakistani ,judicial Khullah for local and overseas pakistani women we are specialized and reliable Affordable Law Firm for All Kind of Family Matters Nikah/marriage,Divorce,Khula,Child Custody, etcLearn More »

Child Custody

Our aim is to prevent any shortcoming in the child custody agreement, to prevent One of the major shortcomings of most child custody agreements is that they generally don’t take into account the changing needs of children. In fact, most child custody agreements are based on the ages and stage of development that children are at when the agreement is first drafted. Considering that children grow and mature, this does not make a lot of sense if a child is a toddler and the agreement is intended to be in place for the child until adulthood. The best child custody agreement is one that considers a child’s changing needs based on his or her stage of development.
Another shortcoming of child custody agreements is that they emphasize the parents’ needs and not the children’s. Although the divorce courts are guided by the “best interests” of children, judges and divorce attorneys who know little about child development are not in a position to guide parents’ decision making based on their children’s needs.
What we can do for you?

1. Draft Child Custody Agreements per Pakistani Laws.
2. Attestation of the Child Custody Agreement.
3. Acknowledgement of Service of Divorce Deed

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Cyber Crime


Protection of Human Rights

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