About Law Firm Pakistan.

Law Society Pakistan, the Law Firm is Lahore Pakistan based. It is a sister concern of Bajwa Law Chambers. Which was established in 1962 in Lahore Pakistan.

Who is the founder of Bajwa Law Chamber?

Ch. Rafique Ahmad Bajwa was an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He was the founder of the Bajwa Law Chamber. It was established in 1962. Further, Mr. Shauket Rafique Bajwa Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan is the son of legendary Ch. Rafique Ahmad Bajwa. He joined his father in 1973.

Who is Rafique Ahmad Bajwa? 

Firstly, he was a famous political leader and a great legal mind. He made an early recognition in the field of law. Soon after starting advocacy, he became a renowned lawyer. Therefore, he was very well respected in the fraternity.

This is to say, he was a great political mind. Furthermore, he was an undisputed and respected political leader in the history of Pakistan.

We got connected in a number of historical & constitutional cases. In addition, we also played a vital role in establishing case law on many vital points.

Who is the CEO of the Bajwa Law Chamber and Law Society of Pakistan?

After the demise of the legend, Rafique Ahmad Bajwa. His son, Mr. Shauket Rafique Bajwa Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan, became CEO in 2004.

When Law Society Pakistan was established?

In the year 2008, Mian Avais Ilyas, Advocate High Court of Pakistan established Law Society Pakistan Law Firm. Moreover, Mr. Rafique Ahmed Bajwa provided his supervision to set up a Law Firm. Since then, he is also serving The Law Firm as a CEO.

Why we are the first online Law Firms in Pakistan?

Law Society Pakistan, Law Firm is the pioneer to provide online legal services. Most importantly, It was created to meet the requirements of the modern era. As a result, we started providing online legal services to overseas clients as well as international clients. 

Who are our clients?

Law Society Pakistan, Law Firm is providing the best legal services to litigants. We have thousands of satisfied clients around the globe. Furthermore, Law Society Pakistan, Law Firm is well-reputed and one of best law firms.

Why clients prefer Law Society Pakistan?

Firstly, our lawyers are specialized in prosecutions as well as defense work. In conclusion, we provide a straightforward analysis of legal issues whilst offering practical advice and representation.

Secondly, we also realize that success is not contingent upon the lawyer. In other words, It is on the commitment and integrity that he shows in his work. It is an undeniable truth, that forms the basis of our mission Success through Professionalism.

Thirdly, we are experts in all kinds of criminal cases, family law cases, civil law cases, writ, bail, appeals. Therefore, we offer one window services from lower courts to the Supreme court of Pakistan.

Who is the best family lawyer in Lahore? 

This is to say, Mian Avais Ilyas Advocate High Court of Pakistan is one of the best family lawyers in Lahore. Specialized in child custody, international divorce, court marriage, online marriage, khula, international khula, foreigner Marriage with Pakistan citizens. In conclusion, he deals with all kinds of family cases in Pakistan.

Law Firm Legal Services in Pakistan.

If you are looking for a good crime Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan, Who has ample experience in handling criminal cases. However, charges affordable fees. You might consider being represented by an experienced Criminal Lawyer in the High Court or Supreme Court of Pakistan. Our Criminal Law Firm, which is renowned for quality Criminal Law Services. To sum up, Law Firm is widely respected for the results that we deliver.

Civil Case.

Law Society Pakistan The Law Firm is the leading services providers. In addition, We have many years of experience in the field of Civil Lawyers, Industrial & Legal Consultants, and Consumer Protection. Dispute Lawyers, Arbitration Lawyers, High Court LawyersExperts, and Debt Recovery Lawyers.

Family Cases

We are the best family law firm in Lahore Pakistan with the best family lawyers. Law Society Pakistan The Law Firm is well-reputed and one of the top law firms in Pakistan. Furthermore, we provide services for foreigners who wish to Marry Pakistani citizens in Pakistan.

In addition, we provide services for Court marriage, divorce for overseas Pakistani citizens,  Khula for wife, online marriage in Pakistan, and International Divorce. Certainly, our Firm is a specialized and reliable Law Firm in Lahore Pakistan.

Child Custody

A lawyer experienced in child custody cases can help you get the custody arrangement that’s in the best interests of your child. If you’re going through a divorce and you have children. Therefore, you or your spouse are looking to work out a parenting plan, that sets out custody and the frequency of visitation. However, if a spouse cannot come to an agreement. Then your lawyer can file a petition in the court on your behalf for custody.

Court Marriage

We are the best family law firm in Lahore Pakistan. Most importantly, we have the best family lawyers in this field. Law Society Pakistan “The Law Firm” is well-reputed. Moreover, it’s one of the top law firms in Pakistan. We provide services for foreigner Marriage with Pakistan citizens in Pakistan, Court marriage, divorce for overseas, Khula, online marriage in Pakistan, and International Divorce.

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