Asylum Lawyer in Pakistan

Asylum seekers who left Pakistan with no choice. Our best asylum lawyer in Pakistan can help and  prepare asylum documents accordingly. We Law Society Pakistan, The Law Firm assist our country men living abroad and seeking asylum. Moreover, for getting their case prepared and the attestation of  documents from relevant departments of Pakistan.

Firstly, most of the asylum seekers who leave Pakistan in hopes of a better and safer future. They  need relevant documents attested from relevant departments. Secondly, most of time religious persecution is not the only reason which compels Pakistanis to seek asylum elsewhere. Thirdly, Pakistanis are forced to flee from their homeland because of their political affiliations or enmity etc. 

Our Law firm in Lahore Pakistan have best Asylum lawyers in Pakistan. We have vast experience of Asylum case preparation. Furthermore, mostly nature of asylum cases are very fragile. People do not have a second chance in asylum case. If you apply incomplete asylum or fake asylum, you go flat. However, definitely luck considers but not for all. Before applying asylum in any country you must prepare the best. Its better to consult  some experienced lawyer who has good experience in asylum cases.

For consultancy book your appoint with our asylum lawyer in Pakistan for your asylum case. If you are interested in getting asylum in the United States, Canada, England, or Europe, Australia, Russia,  our asylum lawyer is here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

In conclusion, we are the best law firm with best lawyers in Pakistan.  we understand our client’s feelings and have unwavering commitment to protect their rights & interest. We recognized the delicate nature of family and seek to ensure completion of tasks at hand on priority basis.


  1. Hi – i am seeking a lawyer who can help me prepare my case/doc for Canada asylum. So i can submit the document. i need someone who can guide me with the proper plan and supporting documentations along with it.

    Appreciate if someone can get back to me.

  2. My parents are Australian citizen. They have approve protection visa in Sydney Australia. Now you can make my case for apply asylum from Pakistan in Australia. Please contact me on my email. MUHAMMAD.

  3. Dear Sir,
    Recently my young son has been brutally murdered. After this incident my whole family is facing life threat. Therefore, your kind guidance and support is required regarding immigration on Asylum basis due to life threat in any foreign country.

  4. Adlamualaikum Sir,
    I want to get Refugee visa. I need a help.How can I contact with you

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