Bail Rejected of Chaudhry Shahid Father oF Saima Shahid Deceased British Born Pakistani


Bail Decline by Pakistani Court.

Father of Saima Shahid  deceased British Born Pakistani  applied bail which was rejected by court today.Samia Shahid, 27, married Syed Mukhtar Kazam, less than two years ago, against her family’s wishes and went to live with his family in Dubai.

This month Samia Shahid, originally from Bradford, went to visit her father in a village called “Poteh” near Dina on the 14th of July.

Her family, who are also British nationals, were in Pakistan following a bereavement within the family.

Father and first husband of Samia Shahid, allegedly killed in ‘honour killing’, were arrested, police officials.

They said that a cousin of the deceased was also arrested during a raid. Samia’s friend, who had her passport, has also been made a part of the investigation.

Police said that her current husband is already in police custody.

After Saima’s death in mysterious circumstances, her husband was told she died of a heart attack but the parents lodged a statement saying she committed suicide.

Her husband lodged an FIR in Jhelum alleging foul play. In the FIR seen by The News, the husband alleged that his wife was buried without his knowledge.
her husband believes his wife was murdered in an “honour killing” by her parents and family. He wants the body to be exhumed and an independent autopsy/post mortem be held to establish the real cause of death.

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