Changing last name after marriage or divorce


Changing of last name after the marriage

When you marry, you are free to keep your own family name or take your husband’s name, Give some careful thought to what name feels best for you. You can save yourself considerable time and trouble by making sure you are happy with your choice of name before you change any records. The name changing method is so simple. You have to take your nikahnama (Marriage Certificate) and your old original CNIC with the father name and go to the NADRA office. You will be issued new CNIC with your new family name and husband name instead of father name. And after the CNIC you can get your new passport also.

Changing of last name after the Divorce
The same procedure you have to adopt for changing your name and getting your CNIC & passport with your father name after your divorce. When you get divorce / Khula from the court or your husband pronounce you divorce then it will be mandatory for you to change your name and have to get new CNIC and Passport with your old name and with your father name. For this you have to visit NADRA office for CNIC and Passport office for Passport along with court decree of divorce / divorce deed and NADRA confirmation certificate that you have got divorce or divorce has been given to you.

Changing of name in other cases
In other cases if you want to change your child name before 18 years/age of majority that will be easy. You have to give the affidavit and get new birth certificate and in this way you can also change your child name in the educational institutions. But after the age of 18 years it will be very difficult to change the name without any cogent reason. However if you have sufficient prove that the name has been written wrong then you can change your name but for this you have to file suit in the court. And upon the court decree you will be able to change the name in the relevant Govt. records. You may also apply the interior ministry for the changing the name and if the satisfy then it will be published in the official gazette.

31 thoughts on “Changing last name after marriage or divorce”

  1. If father is abroad,n mother is died and no one like brother n sister exist,then what’s the procedure so changing last name after divorce,

      1. My husband send me signed stamp paper of divorce only ..after tht he blocked all my contact and didnt rcv our calls how can I get my divorce certificate now ??

        1. My sister got divorce but she not make cnic with husband name , after 2nd marriage she want to make cnic with 2nd husband name , which document will require for making cnic , divorce paper will must be required?? Plz guide

  2. Salaam
    Sir my syster’s cnic has been made after her marriage.
    Now she is divorced,n want to change her name I.e last name she wants to be of her father,
    Pls guide me

      1. sir diveroce certificate orignal is required or photocpy is enough for submission in nadra?

  3. My sister’s cnic has been updated after marriage but now she is divorced.
    After submitting divorce certificate, will her marital status become single again? Or her status will be divorcee? Please guide

  4. i live in holland and i take khula from pk now i want to changed my id last name and i want to add my dads name and how can i do online

  5. can a divorced mother have the right to change her children ‘s full name without permission or intimating the father who is giving maintenance or intimating the court?

  6. My original surname is not my father’s name. Our parents chose 2 different names for all siblings. Now after marriage, I want to change my surname. Can changing surname in NADRA, change it in school/ college/ university records as well? I do not want to use original surname in research papers.

  7. I changed my marital status and legal last name with NADRA after marriage. Later I realized that I have to change my academic record too. As I need my academic records for immigration purposes, is there a way to revert back to my old last name before marriage?

  8. Is it legal to change a child’s name after divorce and after remarriage? Is it possible that child’s second father name will be used as his last name? What documents should we need for this process?

  9. I added my husband’s surname after marriage. After 12 years, I started my education and currently doing PhD. My educational documents are with maidan name. What’s the procedure to change cnic name back to old name as written in educational records?

  10. Sir, can divorse certificate for name and record updation, be made from any union council of city or mandatorily specific union council by law?

  11. Without divorce latter can i change my marital status and get old ID card.. Because there is some domestic issues in our family.. My family does not wants to get divorced latter because of their ego… Although my divorce me three times verbally.. I am so confused can u please tell me the simple way

  12. Is it compulsory to change your surname back to your father’s name after a divorce?

    What are the repercussions if this is not done?

  13. I am not divorced..n not living with husband…but I want to replace the name of husband’s name with father name … Is it possible to change it without divorce certificate

  14. Aslamualaikum
    I got a British divorced. How can I submit it in Nadra and what I need papers to submit my divorce paper to change my surname.

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