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Father was least interested in welfare of minor,Remarriage of the mother would not disentitle her from retaining the custody of minor

S. 25—Constitution of Pakistan, Art.199—Constitutional petition—custody of minor — Welfare of minor — Determination—second marriage of mother Effect—Scope— Courts below handed over custody of minor to father—Validity—Courts below took into consideration the second marriage of mother and age of minor —While deciding custody of minor , welfare of minor , and nothing else, was the […]
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Is divorce via text message or divorce through email is acceptable

Q: is typing message on mobile phone similar to writing on the paper. 2: Is divorce via sms and mobile valid? 3: what are the rulings of talaaq over the mobile phones. In Islam a verbal declaration of divorce is not necessary in determining the validity of a divorce. Similarly issuing a divorce verbally is […]
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International Child Custody Dispute in Pakistan.

Law Society Pakistan Law Firm also deals with international child custody dispute, Due to the global nature of today‚Äôs society, the reduced cost of international travel and the technological advances in communication, there are more international marriages today than ever before. Unfortunately, many of these marriages will end in divorce, which may result in increased […]
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