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Law Society Pakistan, Law Firm is the pioneer to provide online legal services. Most importantly, It was  created to meet the requirements of modern era. As a result, we started  started providing online legal services to overseas clients as well as international clients. Offices of Law Society Pakistan are situated in major cities of Pakistan. In order to reach us. Please feel free to contact us via Email, Phone or WhatsApp. Moreover, if you contact us on Email. We will try our best to answer your queries with in 24 hours. However if you like to visit our office.

We are specialized in prosecutions as well as defense work. We provide a straightforward analysis of legal issues whilst offering practical advice and representation. Secondly, we also realize that success is not contingent upon the lawyer. In other words, it is on the commitment and integrity that he shows in his work. It is an undeniable truth, which forms the basis of our Success through Professionalism. Thirdly, we are experts in all kinds of criminal cases, family law cases, civil law cases, appeals. Therefore, we offer one window services from lower courts to the Supreme Court.  Kindly reach us at the following address to contact us in Pakistan.

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Bajwa Law Chamber

2 Court Street, 26 Lower Mall, Lahore. Pakistan. 54000.

 Mob: +923324722227  – 03324722227


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Branch Office. 

SN “The Law Firm. ” Litigation Office. “Law Society Pakistan:
1- Sh. Elahi Building, 1-Turner Road Lahore.

Agha Nayyar Latif. Advocate Supreme Court Of Pakistan. Mob: +923004004950


Contact us. 

Islamabad office: 

Chamber No. 19-A Raja  Azhar Block F 8 District Court Islamabad. 

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  1. R/Sir,
    I m fresh LL.B graduate and also doing practice in Sheikhupura bar council with my job
    as Asst. to G.M (admin) in spinning textiles (15 years experience in HR & Admin Deptt). I want to join law firm for my carrier building.
    So, please it is requested to you give me chance to perform my duties under the umbrella of your’s firm.
    Thanks with great regard.
    Tasadduq Aziz (Advocate)

  2. Aslamualikum ,
    Hi, I’m from Philippines
    I have a discreet affair
    In pakistani man was already married
    I’m now pregnant and he is the father
    And now I’m here in his country
    Because he take me
    He want to take responsibility on me and coming baby
    But unfortunately his wife was pregnant also
    And knows that he become father to my coming child
    Also his wife doesn’t want him to get married again,
    Now he is on pressure, because of this situation we have
    He really want to save me and the baby
    And he try his best to get and approval for his family mostly to his wife,we both know that we make a mistake
    But his willing to take the consequences,he want to make everything possible even if it hard on his side,
    Please kindly help for advice what can do,he really want to marry me ,even his wife against on him,its possible he can do second marriage..

  3. I’m converted already in islam
    A year ago
    Now I’m muslim
    Is possible that he can get approval for second marriage?

  4. Want to settle in pakistan with family. I am from Lucknow, India.
    Here trouble, harrassment and violence.
    Owns business in Turkey, nepal,Tanzania.
    Pls can u help me. Budget no issue.
    Give urgent call on +91 9769530162.

      1. I tried calling the number

        Want to settle in pakistan with family. I am from Lucknow, India.
        Here trouble, harrassment and violence.
        Owns business in Turkey, nepal,Tanzania.
        Pls can u help me. Budget no issue.

        Give urgent call on +91 9769530162.

  5. Hi
    I need some guidance or consultancy I heard about you people u r providing good services with reasonable charges. I will pay your charges for consultancy and if service required I will definitely hired you guys. It’s about international online marriage and divorce certificate. Please reply me thanks.

      1. Salaam
        I live in the UK but my husband went to Pakistan and took second wife without my consent. He now has a baby boy. He said he will leave her but hasn’t. We have two beautiful teen age daughters, nice home and life. If he didn’t care and hurt us deeply. Can I complain and get him arrested. Also can I claim my husband mehr in Pakistan. I have dual nationality

        1. wa alikum salam
          you have dual nationality you can file criminal case against your husband if you really wish.
          Punishment for Husband, if he marries another woman without getting Permission of second marriage.
          If a husband marries another woman without getting permission for second marriage in Pakistan. Either from the first wife or from the union council. A punishment of one year and a fine of Rupees of five hundred thousand could be imposed.

          Moreover, the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 states that a man is required to submit written permission from his first wife. If he wishes to marry another woman. Furthermore, if a man is found guilty of violating the law, then he may be imprisoned for a year.

          Section (5) Any man who contracts another marriage without the permission of the Arbitration Council shall.

          (a) pay immediately the entire amount of the dower, whether prompt or deferred, due to the existing wife or wives, which amount.

          if not so paid, shall be recoverable as arrears of land revenue, and

          (b) on conviction upon complaint be punishable with the simple imprisonment which may extend to one year and with fine of five hundred thousand rupees.

          Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961 laws are applicable to the person who possesses a national identity card. And second marriage laws in Pakistan do not apply to foreigners. Most Importantly, the second marriage laws in Pakistan apply to citizens of Pakistan. Besides, their current country or place of stay

  6. thanks to law society Pakistan law firm Pakistan for guidance.and well behaved with during guidance

  7. thanks to law society Pakistan law firm Pakistan for guidance.and well behaved with during guidance.bht acha guid krty hn dost ap log shukria

  8. This society is giving very good legal services . They respond instantly and guide you correctly . All the very best for future.Ali

      1. Fuck you islamic pigs , muslims are half cunt pricks, shit on kuran.. fuck mohd.
        Parhan Shah – 0091 9769739087

      2. I am married pakistan citizen want to marry australian girl as second wife
        1) how can we register marriage while i am staying in uae she stay in australia
        2) is the first wife consent reqiured
        3) what are the documents reqiured
        4) how can get registered marriage certificate
        5) will it accepted as legal document in australia
        6) can it done online nikah as myself in uae and she is in australia
        7) what arecthe expenses
        8) if you can arrange letter of no impedment in case we need

  9. Hi, I am a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. I need your help regarding Child Custody Certificate. Please contact back on +966580702310

  10. I am a US Citizen lady. I got married to a Pakistan man who just I think married me for money and visa by his actions. I was very hurt by him and also was told he was also already married to Pakistan lady before me but he lied and said he was divorced. He also told me he had a daughter. I never saw his wife or daughter so I don’t know about everything but I filed all paperwork for him then after over 2 yrs of marriage when he got his interview they called him for a 2nd one and he was afraid and said he did not want visa. I have not spoke with him since February 2021 and I need closure of some kind. I don’t want to be married to him as he just wanted money and visa and is already married and has kids I was told but I don’t know for sure. He really scammed me good and I gave him money and phones and paid for all paperwork and wedding and everything. When I told him no for money or anything he would block me on WhatsApp and say we are not together anymore. I don’t even know if our marriage was fake or real. Please can you help me??

  11. Assalam alaikum
    I am from india, I have married my cousin in karachi in year 2010 at Karachi. I have nikah nama of karachi pakistan but now for applying citizenship in india , I want marriage registration certificate. Can u please help me how I can get it now and from where?

  12. Salam sir
    I want to marry a Brazilian girl by court marriage and now she is here in Pakistan with me so what is the fastest way to get marriage certificates without going to area secretary and because she has just 24 days to return to Brazil before that i want to get marriage certificate and all documents please tell me the easiest procedure. Here i asked many lawyers but their process is so long

  13. Dear Sir I get order by Punjab Probation and payrole service Multan head office
    After 20 day head office want to cancel only me order Objection 1 You belong to other District 2 That our mistake they gave me ORDER instead other person I also aplly for this job these process was to be completed by NATIONAL TESTING SERVICE (NTS) I am top candidate in district Multan list.
    I wasn’t 2month First they gave me OFFER LETTER THEN Letter to Medical I clear my Medical from DHQ hospital then they gave my Order and then I join me job
    What is this If I m ineligible then why not NTS reject my application Why NTS call me for Written TEST after Test Thay Call me For next Interview why What is my Mistake I was to be selected by interview PANAL why Punjab Probation and payrole service want to cancel me and gave ORDER to other candidate

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