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Criminal  lawyer In Lahore Pakistan

Law society pakistan law firm legal practitioners and consultants and criminal cases lawyer with more than 46 years of experience in criminal law in Pakistan. We have very good track record of providing the best criminal  trails and advice to those who are being investigated or facing  criminal offences in Pakistan.

For Criminal case, lawyer in Lahore, Pakistan, Our law firm law society Pakistan Has a highly qualified team of experienced pleaders before the courts in criminal cases. We defend and plead on behalf of our clients, before all levels of the court in Pakistan in relation to Criminal Cases.

Our team of criminal defense or criminal lawyer in Lahore Pakistan.

Shauket Rafique Bajwa Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan is well renowned criminal lawyer in Lahore Pakistan.  Agha Nayyar Latif Advocate Supreme court of Pakistan, Mian Avais Ilyas Advocate High Court, Malik Naveed Advocate High Court. Rana Faiz Advocate High Court, Syeda Feroza Rubab Advocate High Court, Toseef Bajwa Advocate High Court respectively.

OUR legal team has the skills to avoid convictions and achieve acquittals for clients in criminal cases. Generally, we help our clients to navigate all difficulties of criminal proceedings before the criminal courts to create a successful outcome.

if you want to hire best criminal defense or criminal lawyer in Lahore we represent clients in criminal cases. We successfully conduct prosecution and defense in Criminal Cases relating to:

Our services include but not limited to:

Murder, Attempted Murder, Hurt of body,     

Anti Terrorism,   

Kidnapping,  Abduction For Ransom,     

Dacoity, Robbery, Theft,

Narcotics  (Possession and Trafficking),

Spurious Drugs,

Fraud, Forgery, Cheating, Embezzlement,

Illegal Possession of property and Land Grabbing,

Transfer of property by fraudulent manner,

Domestic  Violence,  Acid burning,

Criminal Appeals in Higher Courts,

Bail Matters and Suspension of Sentences,

Private Criminal Complaints,

Harassment, and Habeas Corpus Petitions

Drugs Court Cases, Anti-Narcotics Cases,

Passport and Immigration Offences,

Accountability Offences,

Financial Corruption, 

Money Laundering, Banking Crimes,

Anti-Corruption cases,



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