Divorce certificate in Pakistan

Online Divorce Certificate In Pakistan.

An online divorce certificate in Pakistan is not about completing forms. It has a procedure and our best family lawyers in Lahore Pakistan can assist you. In order to get an online divorce Certificate anywhere from Pakistan.

Furthermore, we provide assistance in obtaining Nadra’s online Divorce Certificate. Copy Of  Nadra Divorce Certificate, online Khula From the Family Court of Pakistan. Even if you are living abroad. Dissolution Of Marriage Would Be The Ending Of A Relationship. Before The Death Of Either Husband Or Wife, and it is a very important document for remarrying in Pakistan or abroad or immigration for a new spouse visa.

The procedure of online divorce certificate in Pakistan issued by Nadra. It is a computerized certificate. However, all proceedings will initiate in the union council of Pakistan. The Iddat period is 90 days. Therefore, divorce certificate will be issued after Iddat. Most importantly, whenever you apply 90 days period starts from date of application.

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Attestation From Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan

our Law Firm also provides attestation of  Divorce Certificate In Pakistan. from MOFA Ministry Of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.

Divorce certificate documents required in Pakistan.

1- Divorce deed from husband

2- Divorced deed from the wife. If husband delegated power to divorce him.

3- Any proof of marriage.

4- Copy of CNIC and passport

5- Special power of attorney if someone applying from overseas.

6- If divorce happens through khula from Family court in Pakistan. In such a case, decree and judgment of the family court are required.

In many countries, official documents like Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Unmarried Certificates, Police Character certificates, Divorce Certificates, and Duplicate Nikkah Nama, etc. are needed for visa immigration, registrations, or other official formalities. 

Are you in another country? Do you need official documents for immigration purposes? Whether it is a Birth certificate, Marriage Certificate, Police Character Certificate, Affidavit, or any other official certificate from anywhere in Pakistan. Our family lawyers can assist you.

The law Firm also provides certified professional translation in many languages. Including Divorce Deed, Divorce Paper, Divorce Agreement, etc. for all major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Sialkot, Gujrat, Multan, Hyderabad, Bahawalpur, and all other cities of Pakistan. We also entertain a large number of customers from Saudi, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Africa, Gulf states, etc.

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Divorce Certificate Attestation From Embassy

We Also Extend our Professional Services for Attestation of All Your Documents including Divorce Certificate of Pakistan From Embassies of Following Countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, Qatar, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Japan, Malaysia, France, Spain, Iran, Turkey, Germany, etc with Embassies of All other Countries in Pakistan.

32 thoughts on “Online Divorce Certificate In Pakistan”

  1. Hi,
    I would like to take your assistance to get my divorce certificate.
    I am overseas Pakistani and can’t visit Pakistan nor my old single parent can go to government offices.
    Please advice what documents you required to apply for divorce certificate, I have divorce in February 2020, now just need to get divorce certificate from Union council Gujrat.
    Will wait for your reply thank you
    Ch Abdul Jabbar

      1. In case of foreign divorce how can we get divorce cirtificate from union concil. On NIOP nadra has changed the status but union concil secratary do not accept the forgin degree of court??

  2. salam,
    i need a divorce certificate. the divorced happen in 1998 hyderabad sindh. i have few documents about the divorce and i need the certificate for immigration purpose. let me know if yoy can provide this service.

  3. How can a lady get a form-B from of her two children one 11,13 years from Nadra, because her husband has divorced her in year 2012 verbally. Now, her husband is not in contact with her??
    Kindly suggestions? Is there any legal provision or not ? If any kindly suggest in comment along with reference and suggested law sites? And relevant section and court having jurisdiction??

  4. Hi I’m leaving in Dubai i get already 2nd marriage my 1st wife want divorce i can’t visit Pakistan within 6 month so i want send her divorce i really don’t know how to prepare documents will you advise me for procedure I’m from bhimber Azad Kashmir Pakistan currently living Dubai here is my WhatsApp number

  5. Hi i married a foreign national in pakistan now i want to divorce her what is the procedure?

  6. Hi
    Is there any way I can retrieve my birth certificate from Pakistan if I am living abroad and unable to visit Pakistan right now?

  7. Hi
    Is there any way I can retrieve my birth certificate from Pakistan if I am living abroad and unable to visit Pakistan?

  8. Assalam o Alaikum…
    I need your help regarding my divorce certificate
    It was decreed on 3rd june 2020 …..still after alot of efforts I am unable to take the certificate…..can you plz help me about it

  9. AoA.How are you Sir?I want to know that if a husband make talaq to his wife by rules thrice in three papers during there months and sends the papers to both the wife and union council then what should be the procedure of union council to issue the divorce certificate,I mean if the schedule of three months like ‘khula’will apply or not and if any fee schedule will apply or not.If apply then what is the procedure and fee schedule will apply.Thanks for your kind assistance.
    Your faithful and regardy,

  10. Hai, i need help to get my divorce certificate from my exhusband . He staying at karachi pakistan and i m from malaysia.

  11. I wanted to know about child maintenance calculator. What if I am in Pakistan earning in pak rupees and my wife/children are living abroad in a country with a higher expense rate. Even if my salary is in Pakistan rupees and cannot match this international expense, will I be expected to fully cover these expenses.

  12. Hi dear,
    Is there a way to give only 1divorce as prescribed by Islam, legally in Pakistan and obtain divorce certificate.
    The 3 divorce notices served to the wife on monthly intervals, are these considered 3 divorces Islamically.

  13. Mere damad ne mery beti ko 06/08/2022 ko mere ghar chor dia air kaha ke baad mi lekar jae ga, lekin ab 03/08/2022 ko mere ghar aaya air kaha ke mery bivi ke saath under standing nahi ho pae hai es leye an mi bivi ko chorna chahta hon air ye ke mulana she bhi baat kar le had aur court mi application de di hai aur aap ke pass court se notice aa jae ga. ( beti ko age 21year hai aur uski shadi ko aik saal two months how gain, bacha koi nahi had, hamara taluq fiqah e Jafria se hae ).
    Guzaresh ye hae, ke please brain ke him kia karein,
    Beti nahe chahti hi ke talaq ho.

    Court ka notice kitne din mi milta hae aur uske baad kia karna ho ga?

    Please help me.

    1. Agar husband divorce karna chata hai tu apnus ko rok nie saktay. Court say notice nie aye ga. Husband kud send karay ga ya pir un ke taraf say lawyer send kar saktay hein aur is ka koie fix time nie hai.

  14. Please can you help me to find out if I am actually divorced in pakistan my husband sent 1 divorce paper and we both signed and union council he saying he has to send 3 papers for a divorce he won’t find out or get the divorce certificate

  15. Please can you help me to find out if I am actually divorced in pakistan my husband sent 1 divorce paper and we both signed and union council he saying he has to send 3 papers for a divorce he won’t find out or get the divorce certificate

  16. I recall that a few days ago news about Shariat Court Decision regarding voiding compulsory requirement of Permission for Second Marriage and declaring freedom for men for second marriage without acquiring consent from wife. Please update me about veracity of news and latest situation on this issue.


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