Divorce Procedure In Pakistan

Divorce/ Talaq by the Husband in Pakistan:

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Under MFLO limited reforms have also been introduced in relation to divorce talaq. Under MFLO a divorcing husband shall, as soon as possible after divorce  talaq has been pronounced, in whatever form, giving a notice in writing to the chairman of the Union Council. The chairman must then supply a copy of the notice of divorce  talaq to the wife. Non-compliance is punishable by imprisonment and/ or a fine. Within thirty days of receipt of the notice of divorce  talaq the chairman must constitute an Arbitration Council in order to take steps to bring about a reconciliation between the husband and the wife. If and when such attempts to negotiate a reconciliation fail, a divorce  talaq that is not revoked in the meantime, either expressly or implicitly, takes effect after the expiry of ninety days from the day on which the notice of repudiation was first delivered to the chairman. If, however, the wife is pregnant at the time of the pronouncement of  divorce talaq, the divorce  talaq does not take effect until ninety days have elapsed or the end of the pregnancy, whichever is later.

Failure to Give Notice of Talaq divorce in pakistan :

Failure to notify, in the above stated manner, invalidated divorce Talaq until the late 1970 and early 1980, but introduction of the Zina Ordinance allowed scope for abuse as repudiated wives were left open to charges of zina if their husbands had not followed the MFLO’s notification procedure. Since the early 1980 the practice of the Courts in Pakistan is that they validate a Talaq despite a failure to notify as provided under the MFLO.

Our law office is in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi  Pakistan and we deal in all types of cases specially family cases ( Court marriage , Divorce child custody  dower etc) and we are very much skilled in our field of operations. Our area of practice in family cases includes as follows:

Overseas Pakistanis can resolve their legal issues like family matters { DIVORCE , ETC. } & others…. through Pakistani courts without coming to Pakistan.

Overseas Pakistanis (having dual nationality or not) without coming to Pakistan, can get
ISLAMIC DIVORCE, LEGAL DIVORCE , CERTIFICATE OF TALAK/TALAQ, through PAKISTANI FAMILY COURTS & UNION COUNCILS in PAKISTAN. Those (Decision/ Judgement / Decree / Orders / Certificate) are legally valid in England USA, Canada,Middle East and rest of countries in accordance with their local Laws.

• Maintenance of children and wives
• Recovery of dowry articles
• Recovery of dower amount
• Recovery of Abducted Children
• International abduction of Children
• Child Custody and Visitation
• Guardianship of Minors Children
• Adoption of Children
• Legitimacy of Children
• Drafting of Divorce Agreements
• Divorce Effectiveness Certificate
• Court Marriage in Pakistan
• Online Marriage in Pakistan
• Translation of Documents
• Research about Pakistani Laws
• Legal Opinion about Pakistani Laws
• Succession Certificates

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