Divorce laws and divorce procedure in Pakistan

Divorce Laws and  Procedure in Pakistan

Talaq or Divorce by the Husband in Pakistan.

The divorce law and its procedure in Pakistan is under Muslim Family Law Ordinance. In Pakistan under Muslim Family Law Ordinance. According to divorce laws and procedure a divorcing husband shall, as soon as possible after divorce or talaq has been pronounced. In whatever form but written divorce is very important for proof of divorce. He should give a notice in writing to the chairman of the Union Council. The chairman must then supply a copy of the notice of divorce or talaq to the wife. Non compliance is punishable by imprisonment and or a fine.

Union Council Divorce Proceedings,

Within thirty days of receipt of the notice of divorce or talaq the chairman must constitute an Arbitration Council. In order to take steps to bring about a reconciliation between the husband and the wife.

If and when such attempts to negotiate a reconciliation fail. A divorce or  talaq that is not revoked in the meantime, either expressly or implicitly. It  takes effect after the expiry of ninety days from the day on which the notice of repudiation was first delivered to the chairman.

Divorce by husband during Pregnancy. 

If, however, the wife is pregnant at the time of the pronouncement of  divorce or talaq, the divorce or talaq does not take effect until ninety days have elapsed or the end of the pregnancy, whichever is later.

Is verbal divorce or talaq acceptable in Pakistan and its  legal Impact.

Yes verbal divorce which is given in the presence of at least 2 male witnesses is acceptable. They have to give affidavit that husband pronounce divorced in their presence.  According to divorce laws in Pakistan and divorce procedure it is very important that divorce should be in writing by the husband. Then it will be acceptable by law to avoid legal difficulties. If  husband not send a written divorce notice to his wife, the divorce will not be treated as legal.

Is Mutual Divorce by the Husband and Wife is acceptable.

when husband and wife decides mutually agree to dissolve their marriage. Under divorce laws in Pakistan, there is no need to apply in the any family courts of Pakistan. Both the husband and wife need to sign a Mutual Divorce Deed in the presence of at least two witnesses and send a written notice to the concerned Union Council. In accordance with section 8 of the Muslim Family Law Ordinance. 

How can wife divorce her husband.

In Pakistan wife cannot divorce herself of her own and without the consent of the husband. Unless and until an agreement to the effect was reached upon by both husband and wife at the time of Nikah and signing of the Nikahnama. In which husband has delegated his right of divorce to wife. If such right of divorce is not delegated to wife then in such circumstances wife can dissolve her marriage by apply for khula from the family courts of Pakistan. Which is also known as dissolution of marriage by way of judicial divorce.

Divorce Lawyer in Lahore.

Our best divorce lawyers in Lahore Pakistan facilitates and provide services that enable a single window reliable service. Our expert divorce lawyer in Lahore  who are expert in divorce procedure and laws in Pakistan have lot of experience. 

Overseas Pakistanis can divorce his wife without coming to Pakistan.

The overseas Pakistanis can divorce his wife without coming to Pakistan. Our best divorce lawyers in Lahore will proceed there divorce in according to the divorce laws and divorce procedure in Pakistan. Overseas Pakistanis having dual nationality or not without coming to Pakistan, can divorce and get divorce documents from Pakistan.

An overseas Pakistani husband want to divorce his wife who is residing in Pakistan or whose last known address in Pakistan is known.

The overseas husband will execute a divorce deed through a special power of attorney, nominating any person present in Pakistan as his representative.

The special power of attorney on behalf of overseas Pakistani husband can file for divorce certificate in Union Council of the area. Where wife is currently residing or where she lastly resides address is and initiate divorce proceedings according to divorce laws in Pakistan.

After initiation of proceedings, and complete the procedure of divorce certificate  the union Council takes 90 to 120 days to issue the computerized divorce certificate.You can contact our best divorce lawyer in Pakistan for further details.

How a shia husband can divorce her wife (fiqa jafria).

A shia husband can divorce her wife the divorce must be pronounced orally in the presence of two competent witnesses.  Talaq / divorce in writing divorce is not valid unless husband is incapable of pronouncing it orally. Presence of witnesses is a condition precedent of a valid talaq / divorce according to Fiqha Jafria. When both the spouses were governed by the Shia Law, divorce must be pronounced by the husband orally and in the presence of two competent witnesses. You can contact our best divorce lawyer in Pakistan for further details.

Is Pakistan divorce acceptable in other countries.

Yes Decision Judgement  Decree  Orders Certificate are legally valid in England USA, Canada, Middle East and rest of countries in accordance with their local Laws.

Divorce certificate services.

our best divorce lawyer in Lahore provide services for divorce certificate because after divorce or khula divorce is not legally valid unless or until your got final divorce certificate from concern authorities of pakistan. Our divorce lawyer in Lahore act on your behalf and get divorce certificate to your door step according to adopt complete divorce procedure in pakistan.

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