Divorce procedure in Pakistan

Divorce Laws and  Procedure in Pakistan.

Talaq or Divorce by the Husband in Pakistan.

Firstly, divorce law and its procedure in Pakistan is under Muslim Family Law Ordinance. According to divorce laws and procedures. A divorce is pronounced as the husband says it. Besides, written divorce is very important as proof of divorce. He must give notice in writing to the chairman of the Union Council. Secondly, the chairman must supply a copy of the notice of divorce or talaq to the wife. Most importantly, non-compliance is punishable by imprisonment or a fine.

Union Council Divorce Proceedings.

Within thirty days of receipt of the notice of divorce or talaq. The chairman must constitute an Arbitration Council. In order to, take steps to try a reconciliation between husband and wife. Moreover, if attempts to negotiate a reconciliation fails. A divorce or talaq that is not revoked in the meantime, either expressly or implicitly. It takes effect after the expiry of ninety days. Furthermore, counting from the day, a notice of repudiation was first delivered to the chairman.

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Divorce by the husband during Pregnancy. 

However, if the wife is pregnant at the time of the divorce or talaq. Divorce or talaq is not considered until ninety days. Ninety days or the end of the pregnancy. whichever falls later.

Verbal divorce or talaq in Pakistan.

Verbal divorce given in the presence of at least 2 male witnesses is acceptable. Most Importantly, they must provide an affidavit that the husband pronounced divorce in their presence.  According to divorce laws in Pakistan and divorce procedure. It is very important, that husband must give a written divorce. Then it is acceptable. In conclusion, if the husband does not provide a written divorce notice to the wife. The divorce is treated as ill-legal.

Mutual Divorce by Husband and Wife.

Finally, if husband and wife mutually agree to dissolve the marriage. Under divorce laws in Pakistan, there is no need to apply in any family court. Both must sign a mutual divorce deed in the presence of two witnesses. Certainly, send a written notice to the concerned Union Council. In accordance with section 8 of the Muslim Family Law Ordinance. 

How can a wife divorce her husband?

In Pakistan, a wife cannot divorce of her own. Moreover, without the consent of a husband. Besides, an agreement to the effect is reached. Including both at the time of Nikah and the signing of the Nikahnama. Most importantly, if the husband delegated his right of divorce to the wife. In this case, a wife can dissolve the marriage. By applying for khula from the family courts of Pakistan. This is also known as the dissolution of marriage as judicial divorce.

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Divorce Lawyer in Lahore.

We are the best divorce lawyers in Lahore Pakistan. We provide a one window solution. Our divorce lawyers in Lahore are experts in procedures and laws. 

Overseas Pakistanis can divorce his wife without coming to Pakistan.

Certainly, overseas Pakistanis can divorce wives without coming to Pakistan. Our best divorce lawyers in Lahore will proceed there divorce according to divorce laws and procedure in Pakistan. Overseas Pakistanis with dual nationality can divorce and receive documents from Pakistan. Moreover, they need not come to Pakistan.

If An overseas Pakistani wants to divorce his wife. Who is residing in Pakistan or last known address in Pakistan is known.  The attorney, on behalf of overseas Pakistani husband, can file for divorce certificate in Union Council. Finally, initiate proceedings according to divorce laws in Pakistan.

After initiation of proceedings and completing the procedure of divorce certificate. The union Council takes 90 to 120 days to issue divorce certificate. To sum up, you can contact our best divorce lawyer in Pakistan for more details.

How a shia husband can divorce a wife (fiqa jafria).

The divorce must be pronounced orally in the presence of two competent witnesses.  Talaq / divorce in writing divorce is not valid unless husband is incapable of pronouncing it orally. Most importantly, presence of witnesses is a condition of a valid talaq or divorce according to Fiqha Jafria. Meanwhile, both spouses are governed by the Shia Law. Divorce must be pronounced by the husband orally. Moreover in the presence of two competent witnesses. You can contact our best divorce lawyer in Pakistan for further details.

Is Pakistani divorce certificate acceptable in other countries.

Decisions Judgement, Decree, Orders and Certificates are legally valid. Including England, USA, Canada, Middle East and other countries in accordance with their local Laws.

Application For Divorce certificate In Pakistan.

Our best divorce lawyer in Lahore, provides services to obtain a divorce certificate.  Divorce or khula is not valid unless or until obtaining final divorce certificate from authorities of Pakistan. Our divorce lawyer in Lahore acts on your behalf to get a divorce certificate. Furthermore, delivered to your door step according to legal divorce procedure in Pakistan.

Best divorce lawyer in Lahore. 

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  1. My husband sent me 3 notices of divorce deed on stamp paper but he did not follow the procedure as per family law. He did not sent notice to Union council. Though his father and he is a lawyer himself. After 6 months I came to know the legal procedure of divorce . what should I do now ? Is it a punishable act of my ex husband ? He deceive me by sending ineffective divorce . I want to complaint against him. Kindly guide .

  2. My husband sent me 3 notices of divorce deed on stamp paper but he did not follow the procedure as per family law. He did not sent notice to Union council. Though his father and he is a lawyer himself. After 6 months I came to know the legal procedure of divorce . what should I do now ? Is it a punishable act of my ex husband ? He deceive me by sending ineffective divorce . I want to complaint against him. Kindly guide .

  3. AOA, I want to give a divorce to my wife but do not know the procedure, my wife living in cantt area, for away where I residing but our marriage registered in Islamabad (that time when I marry her family lived there) so where should I sent divorce notice, Islamabad( where marriage registered), cantt(where she is living with their family) or my own union council(where my children born/registered.

  4. Hi. My husband was forced to marry a girl in Pakistan . Hos can he Get a divorce? He said tallaq to her but he Also need papers from the court?

  5. Hi I need some guidance or consultancy I heard about you people u r providing good services with reasonable charges. I will pay your charges for consultancy and if service required I will definitely hired you guys. It’s about international online marriage and divorce certificate. Please reply me thanks.

  6. Assalamualaikum my husband gave me divorce 3 time verbally and then he send me notice with 3 talaq on stamp paper and now he is saying he divorce me only 2 times ..what should i do now?

  7. HI there, here is is a story may you can help me out, my husband give me a verbal divorce 3 times with out any witness and he still live with his second wife in the same house with 4 years twins which we leave together in separate floor he verbally torture’s me every single day and don’t not provide anything for my family he force me to earn by my own that’s really difficult for me know I wants to Khula even and move on to my life….
    I thank you if you can guide me through e-mail in details and cost.
    I thank you much for your kindly help.

  8. my husband send my parents copy of divorce deed ( 3 talaq) in a single sitting now he regreting his decision cox i am pregnant. is this talaq effective its been 1.5 month now.


  10. I want to give divorce to my wife but worried about my 2 kids and i am very disturb in these days due to her behaviours some time it become very difficult to control my self by verbal divorce . the only thing resist me is my kids. how I come out in this situation? where fight become worst due to her disrespectful taunts.

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