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Foreigner Chinese Women Married with Pakistani in Lahore


Foreigner marriage with Pakistani citizen

marriage with foreigner in Pakistan

Recently a couple approached us. A Pakistani male and a Chinese female. They wanted to marry. Moreover, they wanted to register a proper legal marriage. Most importantly, completing all legal document to register a marriage. Above all the Chinese lady wanted to embrace Isalm. After converting to Islam. All the legal documents were prepared. All aspects for marriage with Pakistani citizen were fulfilled. For example, preparing documents and essentials. Moreover, final registration of marriage in concerned departments.

Further more, all the required documents and arrangements were made by our expert family lawyers. This event took place in Lahore Pakistan. We try to make the process simple and easy. Certainly, developing a good understand and communication is the key.

we are expert in registration of foreigner marriage in Pakistan. our expert family lawyers have vast experience of registration of international marriages, foreigner marriages with Pakistani citizens.


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