How to do court marriage in Pakistan. Online marriage.


How to Do Court Marriage in Pakistan.

What is a Court Marriage?

In Pakistan a court marriage is just like a normal marriage or traditional marriage but it does not require permission from parents or any wali (Guardian). A court marriage in Pakistan, also known as Islamic marriage, civil marriage or registered marriage. In Pakistan it is a legal union between two adult individuals and court marriage is solemnized and registered by a Nikah Khawan and with the help of lawyer.

 A court marriage is just like a normal marriage or traditional marriage without any reception but does not require permission from parents of bride and groom or wali (Guardian).  In simple words it is a legal way to get married in Pakistan.

Court Marriage In Pakistan.

In Pakistan Court, Marriage or Online marriage is Legal and allowed by shariya or all Islamic sects. The process of Court Marriage, Online marriage/Love Marriage or run away marriage is easy. A Court Marriage, Online marriage/Love Marriage run away marriage is a constitutional right and basic right of every citizen in Pakistan.


Any adult citizen of Pakistan or foreigner has the freedom to select a life partner of their own choice, hence it is called Marriage by free-will or online marriage or court marriage.

They have a choice to marry them through court marriage, online nikah, Love marriage through a Wakeel, or lawyer or a customary marriage.

Court marriage is very easy and simple procedure in Pakistan, but the expenses and fees are also affordable and reasonable in major cities such as Lahore Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, and Peshawar etc.

What are Benefits of Court Marriage in Pakistan?

Court marriage in Pakistan is allowed to both Pakistani citizen and foreigners even all religion is allowed to get court marriage or online marriage in Pakistan making it an easiest and affordable option for many couples.

Unlike traditional marriages, court marriages do not require a costly and time-consuming ceremony with numerous functions and receptions. Instead, you can invite only those who are truly close to you and avoid inviting unwanted guests who add no value to your life.

Court Marriage is also really effective on the cost. It can save money for many couples who want to start a business, or want to invest in businesses.

Court marriage can be especially helpful if one or both families are opposed to the union thus eliminating the need for approval from your family

Process and procedure for Court Marriage.

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Requirement for Court Marriage/ Required Document for Court Marriage:

The procedure for court marriage is to provide copies of National Identity Card of bride and groom if CNIC copies not available any birth certificate or FRC or School college certificate or even copy or driving license will work.

Note:  The minimum age for a Girl to get married is 18 and for a boy is 18 years.

  1. CNIC Copies (Bride and Groom)
  2. Two witnesses
  3. 4 Passport Size Photograph (Bride and Groom)
  4. Affidavit of free-will

If any partner is divorce then Divorce Certificate or if widow then Death Certificate of previous spouse in case of second marriage or permission from first wife is important.

Court Marriage is Affordability and Simple.

In Pakistan the procedure of court marriage is recognized as a legal marriage or legal union which is performed or solemnized by Nikkah registrar or Nikah Khawan and lawyer (attorney of law).

Mostly court marriage take place out of court room because marriage cannot necessarily be solemnized in the courtroom, it generally takes place in the court premises or office of a lawyer or Nikah Khawan place or in a hotel or anywhere which is convenient to all.

In Pakistan normal marriage cost is so high, traditional marriages can cost big amounts of money and incur a great deal of financial pressure on the bride’s and groom’s families.

But in court marriage provides a cheap alternative. It allows any age of couples to exercise their constitutional right to marriage without the added burden of social problems norms and hurdles.

Life is only one time if you want live happily life then do not allow  the society interfere with your life and to avoid  cost of traditional marriages stop you to live with your love one. Online marriage or court marriage is a cheap and simple and affordable easy way to get married with right person in Pakistan.



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