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Khula in Pakistan

The procedure of khula in pakistan are defined in Muslim Family Laws. Before we discuss khula laws and its procedure in Pakistan. First we to understand what is khula and when wife can get khula from his husband through family court.

Under Muslim Family laws How can wife claim her past and present maintenance amount and child maintenance amount or monthly expenses. Under Muslim Family laws how can wife claim her (Haq Mehar) dower and dowry articles (Jahez ka Saman). How can wife claim gifted gold ornament in her divorce Under Muslim Family laws. Does overseas Pakistani woman living aboard file khula in pakistan with out coming to pakistan Under Muslim Family laws

Video in Urdu

.What is Khula and divorce in Pakistan.

When  wife do not want to continue matrimonial relation with husband due to any reason and husband refused to give divorce to wife. Then wife can file khula / divorce in family court of pakistan.  Khula is the right of a wife in Islam to seek dissolution of marriage from her husband through intervention of the court. A woman seeks a “khula” while man gives a “Talaq”.

Procedure of Khula in Pakistan.

The procedure of divorce by wife in pakistan which literally means untying the knot. The dissolution of marriage initiated by the wife and is granted by the court. To apply for Khula the wife would need to file a suit for Khula in the Family Court under the West Pakistan Family Courts Ordinance. On the grounds that she feels she can no longer live with her husband within the limits prescribed by Allah. And such a statement on oath made in her suit would be sufficient to establish her case for divorce.

When wife files a suit for dissolution of marriage on basis of khula. And  the family court issues notice to the opposite party the husband.  And if husband fails to appear after the due process of posting and publication in news paper. The court can proceed with the case ex-parte and pass a decree. In case where the husband or his representative appear he is required to file a written statement. Following which the court has to fix a date for pre-trial proceedings for reconciliation. If reconciliation fails court will pass decree for dissolution of marriage on basis of Khula.

Khula / Divorce procedure for overseas Pakistani.

Divorce for the overseas Pakistani woman living abroad can file khula to get divorce from family court Pakistan. She must have to adopt some step to fulfill the legal requirement of legal procedure. Under Muslim Family laws.

(i) She must execute a special power of attorney nominating any person as her personal attorney / representative. This power of attorney will be attested from Embassy of Pakistan or Pakistan High Commission in the country of her stay. It must be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan.

(ii) The Special attorney nominated by the wife should have power to represent her, will appoint a lawyer and sign the documents on her behalf for khula proceedings in the family court.

(iii) The personal representative then can file a case, appear before the family case on behalf of wife through a lawyer, in a family court for obtaining khula decree.

(iv) After obtaining Khula decree and judgment the special attorney can start proceeding  in Arbitration Council  can be initiated for obtaining Divorce Certificate. Keep in mind for arbitration special attorney have permission for overseas wife to appear and proceed through special power of attorney. If you wish to know how to get divorce marriage certificate in Pakistan you  must contact our divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan.

Can wife claim her maintenance amount from Husband in Khula.

Under Muslim Family laws yes wife can claim her maintenance amount in case husband kicked out his wife  from his house without any reason. According to the khula laws in pakistan  wife can claim her past present maintenance allowance till iddat.

wife can claim maintenance allowance of child from husband.

According Under Muslim Family laws khula in Pakistan wife can claim in khula maintenance allowance for her child / children. And husband is bound to pay maintenance allowance of the childern.

Does wife can claim in khula (haq mehar) dower and dowry articles (jahez ka saman).

Yes Under Muslim Family laws wife can claim in her dower and dowry articles. Wife have to provide all details of dowry articles. it is good to provide list of dowry articles.

What grounds are available to a wife to get dissolution of marriage other than khula. 

As per Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act a woman shall be entitled to obtain a decree for the dissolution of her marriage on any one or more of the following grounds:

Whereabouts of the husband not known for four years. If husband has neglected or failed to provide maintenance. That husband has sentenced to imprisonment for a period of seven years or upwards. The husband failed to perform marital obligations for a period of three years. Husband was impotent at the time of marriage. Or husband has been insane for two years.

If wife was married when she was minor.

Husband treats with cruelty. Leads an infamous life; Attempts to force her immoral life; Venereal disease. Incurable form of leprosy. Disposes of her property, Obstructs her in observance of her religious practice. If she cannot live with the husband within the limitation imposed by the Almighty Allah.

Beside above, there are also other grounds available to wife for the dissolution of marriages under Muslim Family Laws.

After obtaining khula decree from the court is dissolution of marriage is complete.

The answer is No, after obtaining decree from the court you need to file an application before the Chairman Arbitration Council / Union Council of your jurisdiction for obtaining dissolution of marriage certificate.

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