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Khula Procedure for overseas Pakistani and Foreign National & Foreigners

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khula procedure in Pakistan

Khula Procedure for Overseas Pakistani and Foreign National & Foreigners.

To obtain a Khula in Pakistan as a overseas Pakistani or foreigner, you generally need to follow the same legal procedures as a Pakistani citizen. This involves filing a case in the family court, stating the grounds for seeking Khula, such as incompatibility or cruelty or other divorce reasons which is under Pakistan Muslims Family Laws. 

Overseas Pakistanis and Foreigners Khula Procedure Video detailed in English. 


Overseas Pakistanis Khula Procedure Video in Urdu.

Khula Procedure for overseas Pakistani and foreigners.

Overseas Pakistani women or foreigner living abroad can file online khula to get a divorce from family court Pakistan. Most importantly, she must take some steps to fulfill the legal requirement of the procedure. Clearly mentioned under Muslim Family laws.


  • 1. Copy of National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)
  • 2. Pakistan Origin Card (POC)  for foreigners or foreign national.
    2. Valid Passport Copy
    3. Marriage Certificate or Nikah Nama Copy
    4. Attested Special Power of Attorney
  • 1. Consult with a Lawyer.

Seek advice from a family law attorney in Pakistan who can guide you through the legal process. A lawyer experienced in international family law matters can be particularly helpful.

2. Hire a Lawyer in Pakistan for overseas Khula procedure in Pakistan.

The overseas Pakistani or foreigner who wish to dissolve her marriage through Khula from Pakistan she must need to hire a lawyer services in Pakistan. Who must be expert in international divorce and oversees Khula procedure and laws.

3.  Prepare Necessary Documents.

She must have yo gather all the required documents, including the marriage certificate, or Nikah Nama  evidence supporting your grounds for Khula, and any other relevant  documents,

3.  Special Power of Attorney through Embassy of Pakistan. 

If she cannot be physically present in Pakistan, consider appointing a trustworthy representative through a Special Power of Attorney. This person can act on your behalf, filing documents and attending court hearings through lawyer..

(i) She must execute a special power of attorney nominating a person as her personal attorney or special attorney or representative in Pakistan.

The lawyer can prepare Special power of attorney draft according to Pakistani laws. This special power of attorney will be attested from Embassy of Pakistan or The High Commission/ consulate of Pakistan in her country of stay. She must have to send Hard copy of special power of attorney in Pakistan  through  registered courier services. 

Later on  It must be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan.

(ii) The Special attorney nominated by the wife should have power to represent her. She must appoint a lawyer and sign the documents on his behalf. In order to, initiate khula proceedings in the family court. She must  Ensure that all documents, especially the Power of Attorney, are properly attested from the Embassy of Pakistan or The High Commission of Pakistan. This step is crucial for international recognition of your legal documents.

(iii) after attesting the special power of attorney from the  Embassy of Pakistan or The High Commission of Pakistan / Consulate of Pakistan the personal representative or special attorney  can file a case and  appear before the family court, on behalf of wife through a lawyer, in a family court.

4.  Khula case File in the Pakistan.

Your lawyer and appointed representative can file the Khula case in the family court in the jurisdiction where either party resides. The court will review the case based on the grounds presented.

5.  Virtual Presence or Electronic evidence through Skype App.

In some instances, the court may allow virtual appearances or testimony. Discuss this possibility with your lawyer to determine the feasibility of participating in court proceedings remotely. and some time court required electronic evidence.

For the  electronic evidence the family court used Skype Application for video evidence. So you must have or prepare skype id for electronic evidence or digital evidence. the family court  will fix date and time according to Pakistani time for electronic evidence.  

6.  Comply with Legal Requirements.

Be aware of any specific legal requirements for overseas Pakistanis seeking Khula and ensure that all documentation meets the standards set by Pakistani law.

Remember, family laws can vary, and it’s crucial to seek advice from a legal professional familiar with the specific jurisdiction and the laws governing Khula in Pakistan.


After obtaining Khula degree and judgment the special attorney can start proceeding in Arbitration Council or union council . This is initiated for obtaining a divorce certificate. Above all, for arbitration special attorney must have permission form overseas wife. In order to to appear and proceed through special power of attorney. If you wish to know how to get Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan. You can contact our divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan.

List of documents for union council or arbitration council. 

  1. 1. Attested or Certified Khula Decree Order by Family Court.
  2. 2.  National identity card of  appointed special attorney.
  3. 3. NICOP or POC of the plaintiff.
  4. 4. Copy of the passport.  
  5. 5. Copy of Special Power of Attorney
  6. 6.  Application printed Forum.
  7. 7. Copy of Marriage Certificate or  Nikah Nama Copy.

In routine the union council or  arbitration Counsel 100 or 120  days proceeding for issuance of Nadra divorce certificate or its called in Pakistan Talaq Moasar Certificate.


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