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Legal Advisor Services in Pakistan

Do you need legal advice? Related to civil, criminal, family or business matters. We offer our expertise at an affordable price. Legal advisor in Pakistan is just a click away from you. Furthermore, we offer a guaranteed one window legal solution in Pakistan. Team of law society Pakistan, Law Firm never initiates a case without discovering solid facts. Therefore, we work to our level best in order to achieve success. 

Our firm is based in Lahore Pakistan. We provide services to individual clients as well as companies. we also provide online legal advisory to our clients. we provide our services as retainer ship and case to case basis. The Law Firm has an Advocate of the Supreme Court on our panel. He has more than 40 years of experience in the field of law. All other advocates & Legal Advisors have more than 10 years of working experience. Moreover, Advisors hold licenses and eligibility to appear before the High court.

Online Nikah or Marriage service.

Permission of second marriage.

Legal advice on Civil Cases.

Student Marks sheets and Degree.

Online Legal Advisor in Lahore Pakistan

In conclusion, the law firm provides online legal advisory and consultancy. We offer very affordable rates to our clients. Experts can manage all of your legal needs online. We offer a variety of general litigation services. Which includes civil cases, corporate cases, banking cases, family cases, and international cases. We also have expertise dealing with criminal cases in Lahore Pakistan.


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  1. My sister died on 2019 due to cancer
    she left a child child behind who is leaving with us . Since his the child is with us becz her mother diagnosed by cancer
    His father never took respncblity of him or even my sister was he didn’t ever fulfil their need and now when she is not alive
    Her husband is not giving any expenses for his child
    My father and mother want to take his permanent child certificate
    Kindly guide me what to do

    1. Yes yout problem could be solved .
      Plz tell gender age and period of stay with you
      And inform abt ft her of

  2. My father passed away in December in the UK where he resides. I live with my mother but I was very close to my father. I only have one older sister who also was close to my father. My father has a house and a shop at a shopping mall in Pakistan. I am looking for advice on what to do and how to claim whats mine.

  3. hello
    im a NRP,living out of Pakistan from the last more then 30 years with wife & 3 kids .currently resident in gulf, and wanted to remarry with a single girl of Pakistan ,she is here also ,as i had a very complex and toxic married life in all years, but now i finally want to remarry as i found teh right person ,but as usul i cant told my wife because otherwise i have to leav her ,which i dnt want because of my kids ,but i don’t understand who made this stupid and tough laws in pakistan now for re marrying ,what if i wana do? then what can i do make it legal in country so then i can have her documents as well with my name which we need obviously in coming life at so many point or to make her under my sponsor ship as well here .is there anything to solve, I have 2nd option to do in UK very easily not a problem n formalities there like unfortunately Pakistani ,but i prefer in Pakistan as she has wishes to do with her family n friends .you can reply me over mail.i can letter book consulting section as well if needed.Thankyou

  4. Need an urgent help for 2nd marriage …need a way out without permission from 1st wife..

  5. I want divorce from my husband as soon as possible he is living in India vadodara….and i am a Pakistani national living on karachi…how can i file divorce

  6. How can I find out if my wife has secretly done khula in Pakistan as I’m abroad I do send kids’ expenses every month but she said have a relationship with someone for 2 years please advisese

  7. My Father is diagnosed with cancer 4the stage he has a huge loss of his business outside. We don’t know what he has done outside & he still didn’t tell us about the matters. We just want that no body wouldn’t reach us & we don’t have link with his profit & loss. kindly suggest what to do.