Marriage Certificate Pakistan

How to get Marriage Certificate and  Nikah Nama.

As you know in Pakistan marriage certificates and nikah nama are different. Firstly, we have to understand the difference between a marriage certificate and a nikah nama. In other words, there are two kinds of marriage papers or marriage certificates. The first one is called Urdu Nikkah Nama it consists of 4 pages. Which is delivered to the spouses at the time of marriage. Similarly, the nikah nama is prepared in four copies. one copy for the groom, the second copy for the bride. Furthermore, the third copy remains with the Nikah registrar.  However, the last one is submitted to the local union council office for record. It is concrete legal proof of marriage or Nikah’s record between husband and wife in Pakistan.

Apply Online For Marriage Certificate And Process Of Registering Online Marriage In Pakistan.

There is no one click online process to register online marriage. Similarly, applying for online marriage certificate or nikah nama. However, we provide one call solution. Just contact us and our lawyer will do the entire process. Above All, We will deliver the marriage certificate to your door step with minimal charges. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is Nikah Nama in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, nikah nama is a legal document and it is a manual document that has four copies. A document signed by bride and groom in presence of witnesses. In addition, the Nikah registrar completes the necessary formalities. Moreover, provides two copies of nikah nama, one for the bride and the other for the groom.

What is Marriage Certificate in Pakistan.

A marriage certificate is a legal document. which is mostly called NADRA (National Database & Registration Authority) computerized marriage certificate. Moreover, issued by the concerned official authorities like the union council or cantonment board office. Most Importantly, You have to keep in mind that NADRA does not issue a marriage certificate directly.

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How to get Marriage Certificate in Pakistan.

To get a marriage certificate in Pakistan. you have to apply to the concerned union council or cantonment board. The required documents include. Firstly, No.1 original nikah nama. Secondly, No.2 copy of CNIC  (Computerized National Identity Card) of bride and bridegroom. Finally, No.3 CNIC copy of bride and groom fathers. Most Importantly, after submitting the application for a marriage certificate along with the required documents. You have to pay an official fee in the same office. In addition, You will need to wait for 3-5 working days to collect your marriage certificate in Pakistan. You must make sure all the information on the marriage certificate is correct. On the other hand, you can ask for correction.

If the Bride or Groom is a Foreigner.

If one of a spouse is not a citizen of Pakistan. Then his or her copy of passport is required for a marriage certificate in Pakistan.

In Case Of Lost Marriage Certificate. How to Get Duplicate Marriage Certificate or Nikah Nama in Pakistan.

Lost your original written nikah nama for any reason and you need it. You have to apply for a certified and attested copy. Application of duplicate nikkah nama is filled in the concerned authorities of the Union Council. Most Importantly, where it was previously registered. It is not an easy process. Certainly, a bit complicated. Especially If living abroad. Above All, it requires frequent visits to the office to get the duplicate nikah nama.

Why Nikah Nama and Marriage Certificate in Pakistan are important.

In many countries, official documents are very important for visa, immigration purposes. Moreover, other official formalities. If you are in another country and need official documents for immigration purposes. then you require a nikah nama or marriage certificate from Pakistan. Furthermore, if you lost your original nikah nama the duplicate nikah Nama is issued from Pakistan.

We Can Help You Getting Nikah Nama & Marriage Certificate.

Our expert family law team of Law Society Pakistan can assist you. If you require a new or duplicate Nikah Nama or Marriage certificate. Moreover, any other official document required from all over Pakistan. Certainly, If you are living abroad and do not want to waste your time and money. We can solve the problem in the shortest period on an urgent basis. Furthermore, we also provide services for the following. Unmarried Certificate, Death Certificate, Birth Certificate, Divorce Certificate  Nikahnama and Marriage Certificate.

Translation Services 

Our Best Family lawyers also provide certified professional translation for legal documents marriage certificate, Nikahnama. The court decision and unofficial documents translation in any language you require. We do the translation of certificates but also all kinds of letters and documents in almost all languages. We do translation with the help of top professional translators & interpreters. They are experts in their languages and have great zeal of experience.

Embassy Attestation Services

We Also Extend our Professional Services for Attestation of all your legal documents Embassies of the Following Countries. UAE. Saudi Arabia. The USA. The UK. Qatar. Canada. Australia. New Zealand. South Africa. India. Japan. Malaysia. France. Spain. Iran.Turkey, Germany, etc with Embassies of all other countries in Pakistan.

Attestation From Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan

Our professional lawyer’s team of Law Society Pakistan Law Firm also provides attestation nikah nama marriage certificate and all type of legal documents and an official from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.

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  1. Hello Sir/Madam,
    I want to get duplicate copy of marriage certificate(digital copy) also attested from foreign office.
    Please can you confirm me how much will it cost??

  2. I Jansa Asim Labah. from Srilanka.
    I got a married in Pakistan.District khusab where the marrige took place.
    At moment I am in srilanka .Nationality srilankan.
    I want a duplicate copy of marriage certificate.
    can you confirm me howmuch will it cost.
    jessakallah hairan.

    address. kuchchaveli

  3. I am an Indian sikh. want to marry a pakistani muslim. wht is the official process of conversion to islam and nikah?

  4. Aslam o alikum
    Sir can you guide me
    Sir me and my girlfriend wana get married but having some issues in family so we decided to do court marriage can you please guide me that what documents we need to do court marriage and how much it cost
    waiting for your reply

    1. Marriage certificate is public property according to law of Pakistan anyone can get certified copy of it. Unfortunately union Council do not know these laws and they refused or ask money for it.

  5. I want a new nikah nama as our nikah khwa is not registered he fraud us and now i need a new one because i need marriage certificate. My nikah was done in 2017 and now i have 2 children

  6. Aoa,

    I am writing to retreive my brother’s nikkah nama, which is lost. My brother’s name is Shakeel Ahmed.

    He was married in February 2021, in Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawalpindi.
    Bride’s name was Samman, daughter of Muhammad Saleem.

    Shakeel’s identity number is: 91509-0158392-1.
    Date of Birth: April 3, 1974
    Date of Issue (National Identity Card): February 2, 2021

    Can you help me retrieve a copy of the nikkah nama?
    I need it within one week please.

    Please its urgent. Let me know the cost.


  7. I want a new nikah nama as our nikah khwa is not registered he fraud us and now i need a new one because i need marriage certificate. My nikah was done in 2015 and now i have 2 children

  8. Assalam-o-Alaikum,

    I need a marriage certificate. Nikahnama is lost and they got married in 1985 or 1984.

    How can we get a Nikahnama and marriage certificate. Can you help us with that?
    It is urgent.

    Contact: 0049 15778870330

    1. Nikah nama certificate stam paper ju hota hai kitnay hotay hina 5 ya 6 adad certificate?

  9. Assalam o allaikum i am from karachi. I got married on 10th.nov.2021.. our Qazi is from groom’s side. Unfortunately just after 22 days I have to came back to my mother’s house. Now i continously ask them for my nikkah nama but they refused to give it to me. Even my husband refused to give my nikkah nama copy to me or my family member. Can you guide me legally what should i have to do regarding this now?

    1. HELO SIR,


  10. Me and my wife did court marriage in 2017 without anyone knowing and also made our MRC.
    Alhamdulillah finally we are about to get nikkafied infront of our families now. So, can we issue MRC on our new nikkah namah or will that be an issue?

  11. How can I get verification from Nadra that a divorce is registered and is legally in affect?

  12. AoA Team
    mujhy online nikkah krna hai.
    main pakistan main hun or wo morroco main.
    iska kia procedure hoga or fees kitni hogi?
    or ye possible hain??

  13. I am an indian man, revert to Islam. I want to marry a lady in Pakistan. She is also Muslim. Can you help us in online marriage. Her family is agreed and fine with the idea of our marriage

  14. can i get nadra marriage certificate on basis of my marriage certificate that was issued by a foreign government? they are saying that they only accept pakistani certificate. is this true? or are they just giving me a hard time. nadra is not accepting my marriage ceritificate and it’s refusing to update my marital status with my foreign mrc. what remedy is there for me?

  15. Asalam u alaikum
    It’s almost 35 passed after marriage Alhamdulillah. Now im in need of computerised nimkah namma.kindly need guidance. Lives in karachi

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