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A foreigner can marry in Pakistan. Foreigner marriage in Pakistan is not difficult.  Moreover, it is allowed for foreign women and men to marry a Pakistani. A foreign female need not change her religion. Whatever may her religion be? Besides, a male foreigner must convert and become a Muslim. Furthermore, a lawyer must be present at the wedding. In order to, guarantee that all clauses of the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance are fulfilled. A marriage certificate is known as “Nikah Nama” in Pakistan. The marriage certificate must be stamped by the Pakistan Foreign office.

How Foreigner marriage in Pakistan  takes place.

Nikah is the formal marriage ceremony. It is a marriage contract signed by both.  Furthermore, the presence of two witnesses or close family members is required. The Nikah is performed by a religious Marriage registrar. Possessing a license in Pakistan by the government. In order to, perform the Nikkah. The bride and groom must have two witnesses. In order to, ensure that the marriage is consensual.

Useful information for foreigners who seek marriage with a Pakistani citizen.

The foreigner must possess a valid passport. Four passport size photos. Moreover, a valid visa like a tourist, business, Family, or transit. “No impediment to marriage certificate” from the home country. Mostly, it is required for the registration of foreigner marriage in Pakistan. If divorced, then divorce decree from the native country. it is issued by the concerned official department. Moreover, in the case of a widow, a death certificate of the deceased partner. Furthermore, a foreign divorce is recognized in Pakistan. If it is valid in the country, where it took place. Pakistani citizens must provide Computerized National Identity Card. Above all, the bride and groom do not fall under the prohibited relationships. At the time of marriage, the couple must bring at least 2 male witnesses. if you can not arrange witnesses at the time of marriage. Then we can help. 

Processing time of registration of foreigner marriage.

Most importantly, it is advised to contact at least 3 to 4 days prior. Firstly, provide photocopies of all required documents. You can send it through email or what’s app. In order to, verify and confirm the legal registration of marriage. Secondly, the Nikkah khawan (marriage registrar) prepares Nikah Nama. This is traditionally in the Urdu language. Later a copy in English is also provided. Furthermore, after Nikkah Ceremony, the original Nikah Nama is written by Nikah registrar on the same day. But sometimes it is issued the other day. In conclusion, a marriage certificate is a Nadra Computerized Marriage Certificate. This is issued within 5 workings days by the concerned authority.

Court marriage in Pakistan.

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We hope this legal information helps with the requirements of foreigner marriage in Pakistan. We provide legal services to foreigners. Documentation and registration of their marriage in Pakistan. Furthermore, attestation of marriage documents in Pakistan. 

33 thoughts on “Marriage With Foreigner In Pakistan”

  1. from usa. 66yrs, want to marry 29yr. i,m the older, woman, we both are muslim. would this be hard for us due to our ages?

  2. Can a married Pakistani Muslim national can marry a divorced Christian woman with the consent of his first wife? Polygomy is legal is Pakistan but if it is not allowed in the country of the second wife, will it still be possible?

    1. Sir meri gf hai poland mai sir unki sth meri shadi hu jay usky bad sir poalnd sy nikah nama ragister kreana zarori huga or sir agr mai shadi ky bad poland jana chaho s ka kia process huga

  3. I married to a foriegner in abroad we have a marriage certificate of that marriage which took place in malaysia however i would like to register my marriage in pakistan to obtain pakistani marriage certificate is it possible to convert my marriage certificage into pakistani one

  4. Thanks for the informations.
    Is it possible for a foreigner already married to marry a pakistani woman as second spouse without providing the “non impediment to marriage” certificate because polygamy is not allowed in his country?

  5. I am a foreigner woman wanting to marry a Pakistani man, do we need to get married first in my home country and have a marriage certificate or can we get married directly in Pakistan, they won’t ask for our marriage certificate from my home country? And do I need my Wali to sign for me or can I do it myself in Pakistan? Thank you

  6. Hi there,
    I want to marry an Algerian girl in Islamabad Pakistan. Do we need any kind of documents from Algeria or can she just come here with her family and get married here? Please let me know if she needs any documents from her own country i.e. Algeria, so we don’t face any hindrance in registration later on. Thank you.

  7. Alsalam alaykom ,
    I am non pakistani citizen i got nikah With all islamic conditions mehr and witnesses but the lawyer ask me to give the divorce permission unconditionally to the pride and he claims its mandatory for nikah nama procedures because I am not pakistani . The other thing is he ask for full authentication to represent me in legal authorities , I’m afraid he will use it for signing a declaration on my behalf, i need help to know is it real or he tried to scam me.

    1. No it’s not like this. You can issue special power of attorney in which you empowered him about registration for marriage. And rest of divorce its not important to give divorce permission unconditionally you can ask any conditions for divorce.

  8. Hi how are you doing my wife is foreigner and we got married two years back and our maeriage solmenized in Malaysia i have malaysian marriage certificate i want to register my marriage in pakistan to get nadra marriage certificate what is the procedure for this could you please guide me about that

  9. Hy my future wife is Christian and i am Muslim, he wants to marry me in Pakistan, what is marriage producure in Pakistan to register

    1. Hi
      Is your wife is foreigner or pakistani national ?
      If she is foreigner she need no impediment certificate. If she is pakistani she must have any identity or CNIC. And she don’t need to change her religion in both cases.

  10. Asslam o alikum bro my gf from Poland she is coming to pakistan September next week . We will do marriage in pakistan .she don’t want change her religion. And she is single. Sir I need information about this

  11. Hi,

    Can two foreigners get married in Pakistan?
    I am from sri lanka and my partner lives in uk. We wish to get married in Pakistan. Is it possible us to get married there??

  12. Aslam Alekum
    Can a muslim pakistani girl being a government employee marry a foreigner guy already converted to Islam, in pakistan without any risk to her job & nationality ?

    1. For government employees who wish to marry with foreigner need permission from his/her department. But many government employees got marriage without permission from their department.

  13. I am asking if she doesn’t seek permission, is it against law & her job is at risk ?
    Or if she asks for permission would they allow ? Is it possible in our country law ?

    Because i came to know according to Act 1951, a pakistani government employee can only marry an Indian national after seeking permission from government/court.

      1. Sorry its 1962 & i was talking about this

        Marriage or promise of marriage with foreign national[s] (except Indian) to be considered ‘Misconduct’.- Attention is invited to the Government Servants (Marriage with Foreign Nationals) Rules 1962, whereunder marriage or promise of marriage with foreign national except those of India, by any Government servant is not permitted and contravention of these rules is considered as misconduct rendering the Government servants found guilty, liable to be removed from service. Marriage or promise thereof with the citizens of India is possible only with prior permission of the Government (ibid., Sec. 146).

        Kindly guide about this !

  14. Assalamo Alikum
    I’m a married Pakistani citizen, a Christian lady from United states wants marry with me in Pakistan and she is divorced already have all documents. As I’m not single or divorced, can I marry her? Our marriage will be legal in the US or not? If I can marry her, do I need to get permission from my first wife?

    1. Wa alikum salam after getting permission from first wife and permission certificate from union Council you can marry her and its legal in pakistan but you will not get spouse of usa because USA not recognised polygamy marriages.

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