Foreigner Marriage


How a foreigner can marry in Pakistan. Foreigner marriage in Pakistan is not difficult.  Moreover, it is allowed to a foreign woman and man to marry a Pakistani. In case, foreigner is woman, she is not required to change her religion. Whatever may her religion be. But for male foreigner if he is not Muslim. He must convert and become a Muslim. Furthermore, a lawyer must be present on wedding. So, he can guarantee that all clauses of Muslim Family Laws Ordinance  are fulfilled. A marriage certificate is known as “nikah nama” in Pakistan. The marriage certificate must be stamped by Pakistan Foreign office.

Useful information for foreigners who seek marriage with a Pakistani citizen.

Foreigner, must possesses a valid passport. Moreover, a visa like tourist visa, business visa, Family visa, transit visa.

  1. “No impediment to marriage certificate” from your home country. Sometimes, it is mandatory for registration of foreigner marriage in Pakistan.
  2. If you are divorced than divorce decree or final order from your country. Issued by concerned official department is needed. Moreover, in case of a widow, a death certificate of  your deceased partner is needed.
  3. A foreign divorce is usually recognized in Pakistan. if it is valid in the country, where it took place.
  4. Pakistani citizen must have original copy Computerized National Identity Card at the time of marriage.
  5. The bride and groom do not fall within the degrees of prohibited relationship.
  6. At the time of marriage couple must bring at least 2 male witnesses. if you can not arrange witnesses at the time of marriage. Then we can help.
  7. Four passport size photographs of the foreigner spouse.

How Foreigner marriage in Pakistan will take place.

Nikah is the formal marriage ceremony. It is a marriage contract signed by both bride and groom. In presence of two witnesses or close family members.

The Nikah is performed by a religious Marriage registrar. Who owns a licence in Pakistan by the government. In order to, perform the Nikkah. The bride and groom must have two witnesses present. It is to ensure that the marriage is consensual.

Processing time of registration of foreigner marriage.

  1. To avoid delay, it is advised that you contact at least 3 to 4 days prior.
  2. Provide photo copies of all required documents before visiting us. You can send through email or whats app.
  3. We check documents to confirm if marriage can be legally registered.
  4. The Nikkah khawan (marriage registrar) completes your manual Nikah Nama. This is traditionally in national language “Urdu”. Later a copy in English is also provided.
  5. After Nikkah Ceremony, you receive the original Nikah Nama in Urdu language. This is written by Nikah registrar on the same day. But some times it is issued on the next day.
  6. Marriage certificate is known as Nadra Computerized Marriage Certificate. This is issued within 5 workings days by the concerned authority.

We hope this useful legal information helps for requirements of foreigner marriage in the Pakistan. We provide legal services to the foreigners. Documentation and registration of their marriage in Pakistan. Furthermore, attestation of marriage documents in Pakistan. For further details you can contact us.