Marry with foreign national in Pakistan 

::What is Concept of COURT MARRIAGE in Pakistan?and How to marry with Foreign National in Pakistan?      
It is observed that couples who decide to get marry have lack of information regarding court marriages.
For more understanding, this article is divided into questions and answers.
Question: What is concept of Court Marriage in Pakistan?
Answer: The word “Court Marriage” is not defined anywhere in any Pakistani laws relating to marriages. Such marriages are solemnized with the help of a lawyer and authorized by the court of law and issues Nikkah Namma (Marriage Certificate). Concept of such marriages came into Indian sub-continent from the English law.
Question: How to do Court Marriage in Pakistan?
Answer: It could be a bit hard for those who wish to marry with the will of their parents but when they don’t get what they want the look for different alternatives. One should have the following information regarding court marriage procedure in Pakistan.
Both should be above 18 years of age.
Both must have legal proof of age.
Two passport size photographs of female are required.
Contact a good court marriage lawyer.
Question: How much court marriage cost in Pakistan?
Answer: The cost depends upon the City where you are planning to get marry.
Question: What Documents are required for Court Marriage in Pakistan?
Answer: Both should have the proof of 18 years of age and have document proving their age e.g. CNIC, Passport, Educational Certificate, Form B etc.
Question: How to marry with Foreign National in Pakistan?
Answer: The foreign national the marital status should be single. He/she should get and carry a “No Impediment to Marriage Certificate” from his/her country. This certificate is called by different names in different countries. Copies of passport and would also be required from foreign national.

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