Medical Legal Report In Pakistan(MLR)

This is a report prepared by a doctor, usually in criminal cases, such as assault, rapte, murder, poisoning, etc. in response to a requisition from a law enforcement authority. It is meant for the guidance of the investigating officer. It will be produced in court and is subject to cross examination by the opposing counsel.Examples of Medical legal Report Injury Report Postmortem ReportAge Certificate Dying Declaration Certificate of Mental Illness Certificate in connection with sexual offenses The report consists of two parts;First the facts observed on examination Secondly, the opinion drawn from them As far as possible, technical terms should be avoided and the opinion stated briefly and clearly. The report must state the date,time and place of examination and the names of the individuals, identifying the person or body examined or the means by which the body was identified. Two identification marks must be noted. In an injury case, the injuries must be described in details. An opinion of their nature (simple, grievous, dangerous) and the class of weapon used in their production should also be given. If an opinion cannot be given immediately the person should be kept under observation and necessary investigations carried out. In a postmortem report, the cause of death and the approximate time since death should be mentioned.Dean Engelhardt Essex County Autopsy Report Sample

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