Want to Apply for Nadra Divorce Certificate In Pakistan.

Nadra Divorce certificate in Pakistan is not about completing forms it has a lengthy and complicated legal procedure. No one is considered to be divorced in Pakistan until and unless they have a Nadra divorce certificate. overseas Pakistani citizens can apply divorce certificate without coming to Pakistan. Our divorce lawyer in Lahore can get a divorce Certificate from Pakistan without your presence. if you want Nadra computerized divorce Certificate from Pakistan We can provide assistance In obtaining Nadra divorce Certificate in Pakistan.

Living abroad need a divorce certificate?

Copy of  Nadra  Divorce Certificate, Khula from a family court in Lahore even if you are living abroad. A divorce certificate or Dissolution of Marriage would be the ending of a relationship or the death of either husband or wife. And divorce certificate is a very important document for remarrying with a new spouse or immigration visa.

The procedure of divorce certificate in Pakistan

The divorce certificate issued by Nadra and is a computerized certificate. All proceedings will initiate in the union council of Pakistan. Mostly, the iddat period is 90 days and after the period of iddat, it will issue.  But one thing you have to keep in your mind whenever u will apply the 90 days period starts from the applying date.

Divorce is in Pakistan becomes valid after the expiry of 90 days after the divorce according to divorce Section 7 of the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961.

We are not reproducing section 7 of The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961. But the glance of section 7 is that after the conclusion of the 90 days of the period. If no reconciliation has taken place either party may request a divorce certificate.

In Pakistan, a divorce certificate would be issued by the Union Council or Arbitration Council. The Arbitration Council is the Local Body representative of the area in which the woman resides. The divorce certificate issued by the Union council mentioned the names of the parties and the date of divorce. It has also mentioned their CNIC number, address.

Divorce certificate required documents.

  1. Divorce deed from husband
  2. divorced deed from the wife if her husband delegated power to divorce him.
  3. any marriage proof.
  4. copy of CNIC and passport
  5. special power of attorney if someone applying from overseas.
  6. If divorce gets through khula from Family court in Pakistan then decree and judgment of the family court are required.

In many countries official documents like Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Unmarried Certificates. Single status certificate or single certificate or bachelor certificate,  Police Character Certificate. Divorce Certificate, and Duplicate Nikkah Nama, etc. They are needed for visas, immigration, registrations, or other official formalities.  Are you in another country and need official documents for immigration purposes.

Whether it is a Birth certificate, Marriage Certificate, Police Character Certificate, Affidavit, or any other official certificate from anywhere in Pakistan.  Law Society Pakistan Law Firm can assist you out with any new or duplicate official document required from  Pakistan.


Law Society Pakistan Law Firm also provides certified professional translation in any language you required for Divorce Certificate. Divorce Deed, Divorce Decree, Divorce Document, Divorce Paper, Divorce Agreement, etc.

For all major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad. Peshawar. Sialkot. Gujrat. Multan. Bahawalpur and all other cities of Pakistan. We also entertain a large number of customers from Saudi, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Africa, Gulf states, etc.

Attestation From Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.

Law Society Pakistan Law Firm also provides attestation of  Divorce Certificate of Pakistan.  Including Divorce Deed, Divorce Decree, Divorce Document, Divorce Paper. Divorce Agreement form Ministry Of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.

Divorce Certificate Attestation From Embassy.

We Also Extend our Professional Services for the Attestation of All Your Documents including Divorce certificates. Divorce Deed, Divorce Decree, Divorce Document, Divorce Paper, Divorce Agreement etc.

From Embassies of Following Countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, Qatar, Canada. Australia, New Zealand. South Africa, India, Japan. Malaysia, France, Spain, Iran, Turkey, Germany with Embassies of All other Countries in Pakistan.


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