Law society pakistan team assist you to get your marriage certificate from concern department. Some time its very difficult for overseas Pakistani to get Nadra computerized marriage certificate or copy of Nikkah Nama  for many reason NADRA is the sole authority in Pakistan which provides various services and certificates. Three  certificates are most popular e.g. divorce certificate, birth certificate and marriage registration certificate. The NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate MRC in Pakistan is very important and strong document.I

basically there are two kind of marriage papers or marriage certificate No.1 is called Urdu Nikkah Nama it consist on 4 pages which is delivered to the spouses at the time of marriage. The “Nikah-Nama” is prepared in four copies, one copy for groom , one for bride , one remain with Nikah registrar and last one is submitted in local union council office for record. it is a concrete legal proof of marriage Nikah record between husband and wife in Pakistan. And other is Nadra computerized marriage certificate.

Required Documents to Get Marriage Certificate From NADRA Pakistan:

  • Copy of CNIC from groom
  • Copy of CNIC from bride
  • Copy of CNIC from father & mother of bride
  • Copy of CNIC from father & mother of groom
  • Copy of CNIC from Molvi (Nikkah Khawan)
  • Copy of Official Manual Marriage Certificate (Nikkah Nama)

Procedure to Get Marriage Registration Certificate From NADRA Pakistan:

To get NADRA marriage registration certificate applicant need to visit the concerned issuing department (union councils, Cantonment Board Offices etc). There he will manually fill an application form with his particulars carefully to avoid any error and delay. After submission NADRA marriage registration certificate can be issued in approx. 5-10 working days depending upon the work load and other factors in relevant issuing office.

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