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Process of Online Marriage In Pakistan.

Marriage online is frequently referred to as proxy marriage. This is because the Groom and Bride are not at the same place. This means that online Nikah or online marriage is typically done via a video call in Pakistan.

How To Register Online Marriage In Pakistan?

Before the marriage registrar, they solemnize. Commonly referred to as Nikkah Khawan. Area in which both or one of the parties live. In Pakistan, finally, the Online Nikah is recorded under the Islamic Law of Pakistan.

To do an internet marriage in Pakistan by choosing a lawyer, they have an opportunity in Pakistan marriage laws and Sharia. Both partners do not have to be Pakistani citizens for internet marriage in Pakistan. However, when one of the partners is a Pakistani citizen, their marriage may register.

A woman cannot perform Nikah without a wali in Middle East nations like U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, etc. However, in Pakistani marriage rules, there are no such requirements. Therefore, no Nikah Wali is necessary for Pakistan online. However, Pakistani Nikahnama has incorporated a specific section that talks about the appointment on behalf of married couples of Vakeel and representatives.

  How Lawyers Register Online Marriage?  

The lawyer must appoint by Pakistanis or foreigners residing abroad but who want their marriage in Pakistan recorded. The lawyer will next conduct the Nikah documents and process them. The has Pakistan’s top lawyer for family and marriage. We are the international creator of Nikah online. As a result, hundreds of Internet weddings have performed throughout the world.

Online marriage registration in Pakistan carries by a familial lawyer expert alone. Once we decide your embassy at your lawyer, we will make your wedding registration in Pakistan online. In Pakistan, registering online marriage must be under Pakistani law and a nation’s legislation where one partner lives. So not only is it a marriage registration, but it is also an overseas license.

The husband or wife residing abroad can apply for a spouse visa for the other half if online registration does within the legislation. You can only obtain a spouse visa if your online registration for marriage is legal in Pakistan. Suppose there is legal flow throughout the online marriage process in Pakistan. In that case, you may also deny your wife’s visa and, so online marriage should be legal in Pakistan because your future depends on this.

What Are Online Marriage Requirements?

Any Pakistani residing outside Pakistan can get an online Nikah in Pakistan. However, before you organize your online marriage in Pakistan, several prerequisites need to fulfil.

  1. Male and female individuals should be eighteen years of age or older. (Puberty is the sharia marriage age. However, Every Pakistani of 18 years old can marriage lawfully according to the laws of Pakistan.
  2. The Bride’s free will and consent (There should not be any pressure or force involved in marriage).
  3. As in conventional marriage, two witnesses and a Qazi, also known as Nikah Khuwan, shall attend online Nikah.

Finally, a mutually decided quantity between the bride and groom call by Haq Mehar.


Pakistan Online Marriage Process:

In the international sphere, all legal activity done by a lawyer or an attorney. In European nations specifically, there is no idea of marriage or divorce without a lawyer. Therefore, the first step you must take in Pakistan’s internet marriage is to contact a particular family lawyer like us to conduct your case. Then, all you need to do is engage a qualified lawyer and get guidance about internet marriage. Then, let you know whether it is possible to register your marriage online in Pakistan or not. The procedure for online marriage in Pakistan, if possible.

Only if the law permits may you apply and continue with the      online            marriage.

Therefore, the method differs from nation to nation. Each nation has its own rules. The online             registration process

varies on age, sex, nationality, religion, and marital status in Pakistan. Please talk to us about this to take you through the whole and complete method for internet marriage in Pakistan.

Online Nikah Procedure  

Step 1: Copies of Customer Passports / I.D. Cards by Email and their specific information.

Step 2: We set a convenient date for your Nikah celebration. If the Bride and the groom can join us in a video call.

Step 3:  Our Qazi or Nikah Khawan speaks Khutba-e-Nikah at the planned video call. In the existence of the Vakeels and two Muslim Nikah witnesses, he manages the

Ejab o Qabool.

Step 4:  We proceed after Nikah’s recitation, on behalf of the competent authorities, with legal paperwork for the signatures of both parties to request a marital registration. These might include Nikahnama (wedding contract) registration and NADRA marriage certificate. We may also translate into English or Arabic, subject to signed papers, by certifying public/foreign notaries.


Online Marriage

What Are We Going To Do After Your Nikah?

After doing your Nikah online, we provide the following services:

  • Urdu Nikahnama copies.
  • Marriage Registration.
  • NADRA (English and Urdu) marriage attestation from the Union Council.
  • Public Lawyer attestation (if required).
  • Ministry of foreign affairs attestation (if required).
  • Foreign affairs attestation (if required).

These documents process by the departments responsible, as permitted by the Pakistani government. The registration of your marriage information, Union Council and NADRA will have a comprehensive record. Therefore, everything we provide is accurate and trustworthy. Laws can automatically certify these facts. How Can We Help You With Nikah’s Online In Pakistan?

Law partners are a team of experienced family attorneys with online marriage knowledge in Pakistan. We give you first-class marriage services in Pakistan. Our online marriage attorneys and internet marriage attorneys in every city. We make sure that our clients recognize the procedure of internet marriage before starting an online Nikah. At every stage of Nikah online, our online marriage attorneys will help and assist you. We do very professional internet marriage. Help In Other Family Issues

We also give court marriage in Pakistan, divorce, khula, custody of children, and property issues, apart from online marriage in Pakistan. Our Karachi family attorneys and Islamabad marriage attorneys are experts in all of these areas. We know that civil proceedings are delicate issues. Hence, we take further efforts to protect and guarantee customers’ rights. Our first priority is customer confidence. We treat all cases seriously and ensure that our customers have a good grasp of the legal procedure before they employ us. As a result, we have a tremendous portfolio of customers that shows how competent we are.

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