Law Society Pakistan Law Firm  provides Special Legal Services to Overseas Pakistanis, Foreign Nationals , NGOs and Multinational Companies etc, and provides best & satisfactory results with our best professional team.

Our services include but no limited to:
Civil Litigation in Lower Court, High Courts and Supreme Court, Criminal Litigation, Defense and Prosecution Succession Certificates, Stay Orders
Recovery of Money, Bad Debts, Loans and Mesne Profits
General and Special Power of Attorney
Dissolution of Marriages, Divorce and Khula, International Divorces
Registration of Marriages and Divorces, Drafting of Divorce Agreements, Divorce Effectiveness Certificate, Court Marriage in Pakistan, On Line Marriage in Pakistan
Settlement of Matrimonial Issues Father Holding Daughter’s Hand, Drafting of Family Settlements
Recovery of Abducted Children, Child Custody and Visitation, Guardianship of Minors Children
Adoption of Children, Legitimacy of Children, Sale, Purchase and Transfer of Property
Legal Management of Property Matters,Recovery of Possession of Properties, Protection of Intellectual Property, Dealing with Cyber-Crimes, Passport and Immigration Offences, Business Set-Up in Pakistan Business Law, Registration of Company and Partnership, Legal Management of Business,Import and Export Matters,Excise and Customs Matters, Rent Matters of Properties, Drafting of Legal Documents, Translation of Documents, Research about Pakistani Laws, Legal Advice and Opinion about Pakistani Laws.

Leave us a message and tell us your matter, our most competent lawyer of his expertise will contact you and he will further guide you in regards to your matter.


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