Unmarried Certificate or  Single Certificate 

This Document Is Also Known As “Unmarried Certificate” OR “Single Status Certificate”. The Unmarried Certificate or single certificate Is Required To Be Presented In Different Countries To Get Marry Re-Marry Or For Residence Purpose. An Affidavit On Stamp Paper Of Pakistan Written And Signed By Your Close Relatives, For Example, Father, Mother, Brother Or Sister. It Simply States That Mr. ABC. Is Not Currently Married. Then This Document Is To Be Approved By Notary Public And Foreign Affairs.

Single Status Certificate  or Unmarried Certificate in Pakistan

Marriage in abroad need unmarried certificate or single status certificate from Pakistan, our best family lawyers in Lahore pakistan are expert in preparing unmarried certificate or single status certificate from Pakistan.

Mostly it prepare on stamp paper and attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan. 

an affidavit is a stamp paper of Pakistan written and signed by your close relatives, for example, Father or Brother.It should say that the following person is not currently married.Then you need it to be approved by notary public and Then after that you visit to the foreign office and stamp it. Mostly  people are asked for Bachelor  or Unmarried certificate when they wish to get marry into any other country. It is called “Single Status Certificate”  or “Unmarried Certificate”  in Pakistan. It is an affidavit on stamp paper written and signed by your close relatives, e.g. Parents or Brother or any blood relationship.

For Unmarried certificate in Pakistan documents required 

Required Document for Issuance of  Unmarried Certificate:
  1. Copy of applicant CNIC and copy of Passport.
  2. Copy of mother CNIC or  father or brother or any blood relation.

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    I need information about unmarried certificate. I am living out of pakistan. I can send power of attorney to represent me . Kindly please tell me the required procedure of your services and cost of your service

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