Muslim Family laws of Pakistan and complete details


Muslim Family Laws of Pakistan and complete details. Family laws in Pakistan are primarily governed by Islamic principles and are implemented through various statutes. The key laws include the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961, which covers matters such as marriage, divorce, maintenance, and guardianship. Additionally, the Guardians and Wards Act, 1890, deals with issues related […]

Types of divorce and khula in Pakistan


Types of divorce and khula in Pakistan Divorce in Pakistan is governed by both Islamic law and civil law, depending on the circumstances and the religious affiliation of the parties involved. Here are the key points to consider: 1. Types of Divorce: a. Talaq (Islamic Divorce): In Islamic law, a husband has the right to […]

Suit for Restitution of conjugal rights Bazoo Dawa in Pakistan


What is Bazoo dawa and what are the rights of husband and wife in Pakistan. Normally in pakistan when disputes arises between the husband and wife, anyone from them left the house and start to live separately then husband or wife can file a case in family court of Pakistan that he or she wants […]

Ejectment of tenant | Punjab rented premises act 2009 | landlord & tenant property dispute in Pakistan


Dismissal of a suit for specific performance in Pakistan


Few Grounds for Dismissal of a suit for Specific Performance: 1. Handwriting expert reported that signature are forged. (2012 CLC 1699) 2. Two attested witnesses were not produced. (2006 CLC 571) 3. Agreement was written by unlicensed person. (2006 CLC 571) 4. Stamp paper was not issued by stamp vendor . (2012 MLD 535) 5. […]