Muslim Family laws of Pakistan and complete details


Muslim Family Laws of Pakistan and complete details. Family laws in Pakistan are primarily governed by Islamic principles and are implemented through various statutes. The key laws include the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961, which covers matters such as marriage, divorce, maintenance, and guardianship. Additionally, the Guardians and Wards Act, 1890, deals with issues related […]

Suit for Restitution of conjugal rights Bazoo Dawa in Pakistan


What is Bazoo dawa and what are the rights of husband and wife in Pakistan. Normally in pakistan when disputes arises between the husband and wife, anyone from them left the house and start to live separately then husband or wife can file a case in family court of Pakistan that he or she wants […]

Divorce Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan call us: +92 3324722227


Divorce Lawyer In Lahore Pakistan If you wish to get divorce in Pakistan and want to save your time and money. the first step you should consult a divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan for the reason  divorce is very complicated issue in Pakistan Our best lawyers in Lahore Pakistan are expert for all legal issues […]

Online Divorce Certificate In Pakistan


Online Divorce Certificate In Pakistan. An online divorce certificate in Pakistan is not about completing forms. It has a procedure and our best family lawyers in Lahore Pakistan can assist you. In order to get an online divorce Certificate anywhere from Pakistan. Furthermore, we provide assistance in obtaining Nadra’s online Divorce Certificate. Copy Of  Nadra […]

Marriage Certificate in Pakistan


How to get Marriage Certificate and  Nikah Nama. As you know in Pakistan marriage certificates and nikah nama are different. Firstly, we have to understand the difference between a marriage certificate and a nikah nama. In other words, there are two kinds of marriage papers or marriage certificates. The first one is called Urdu Nikkah […]