USA Lady Wedding | American Foreigner Marriage in Pakistan


Foreigner Chinese Women Married with Pakistani in Lahore


Foreigner marriage with Pakistani citizen Recently a couple approached us. A Pakistani male and a Chinese female. They wanted to marry. Moreover, they wanted to register a proper legal marriage. Most importantly, completing all legal document to register a marriage. Above all the Chinese lady wanted to embrace Isalm. After converting to Islam. All the […]

Marriage Certificate in Pakistan


How to get Marriage Certificate and  Nikah Nama. As you know in Pakistan marriage certificates and nikah nama are different. Firstly, we have to understand the difference between a marriage certificate and a nikah nama. In other words, there are two kinds of marriage papers or marriage certificates. The first one is called Urdu Nikkah […]

Dissolution of Marriage Other Than Khula


Procedure of divorce through family court  Our law firm have expert professional family lawyers, we understand our clients feelings and have unwavering commitment to protect their rights & interest. We recognized the delicate nature of family and seek to ensure completion of tasks at hand on priority basis. There is difference between Khula and Dissolution […]