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Unmarried or Single Certificate in Pakistan.

If you need a single or unmarried  certificate. Just contact us. Getting an unmarried certificate is just a phone call away. In other words, we provide quick and easy process. Easy steps and minimal document requirements. Above all, serving with the best family lawyers in Pakistan. Our lawyers have a good practical experience.  Moreover, providing easy online process. These require minimal presence and interaction of a client. Furthermore, providing online services to get an unmarried certificate from Pakistan. Mostly, Unmarried certificate is required to get married abroad or in other family cases. Therefore, helping through simple procedures to obtain an unmarried or single status certificate from Pakistan. 

Usually, Certificate is prepared on a government stamp paper. A professional narration. To clarify, which describes the Single or Unmarried status. Moreover, fulfilling the requirements under the law of Pakistan. Finally, getting it approved and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan. 

In addition, the document is an affidavit on the stamp paper. This legal document is issued by the government of Pakistan. Most importantly, prepared and written by law experts and signed by close relatives. it is professionally written by expert family lawyers in Lahore Pakistan. Certainly, This needs approval by the notary public and the foreign office. Most Importantly, the document must be signed and stamped by the relevant authorities. In conclusion, this document certifies a person as single or unmarried. 

How to get a legal unmarried or single certificate. Moreover, Complete process of applying for an unmarried certificate.

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unmarried certificate Single certificate

Important Documents Required.

 So if you quickly need an unmarried certificate. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Click on the WhatsApp icon and reach us now. Most importantly, there are three important documents required. Finally our lawyer will prepare an “Unmarried” or “Single” status certificate in Pakistan.
  • Firstly, a copy of the applicant’s CNIC (National Identity Card) and a copy of a Passport.
  • Secondly, mother’s CNIC (National Identity Card) or father’s. However, if both are unavailable. Then national identity card of brother or any other blood relation can serve the purpose.
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23 thoughts on “Unmarried or Single Certificate”

  1. Hello
    I want to get info about obtaining un married certificate of my cousin, Who is living abroad.
    Please update me about the procedure, requirements, duration and cost etc

  2. I am looking for unmarried certificate for immigration purpose. Please advise how to proceed.

      1. Hi,
        I have affidavit and also union counsel single status paper which is attested by foreign office.Do I still need unmarried certificate to get marry abroad?
        Kindly advise your expertise

  3. Which unmarried certificate is acceptable in turkey for marriage? Union coucil or Stamp paper affidavit?

  4. I am married and having 3 kids, can I get married with a foreigner, if she is agree to be my second wife ??

    What the documents I will need for marriage ?

  5. i need single material certificate. unmarried certificate. can you help me about it

  6. Salam. I am a Pakistani national. I have married a Brazilian woman in district court of my area. They given me manual nikah paper and a court paper of my wife (free will oth from her).
    Now I am trying to get the computarize nadra nikah nama from Union Council. The secretary of the union Council demanding so much documentation like single status certificate of my wife, her police clearance certificate also asking attested passport and parents id cards copies. On hesitation the union Council secretary show me ordinance of Muslim family laws 1961, there they wrote its mandatory for a marriage registrar to collect those documents from an applicant. My question is the council secretary is a registrar and he has the right to ask for those papers or registrar is the district court molvi who made the nikah, will the district court registrar ask for those documents or village council secretary. Hashmat kpk Pakistan

  7. I am divorced, can i get unmarried certificate for marriage purpose ? If yes please advise the process and total cost.

    Thank you,

  8. Asslamualaikum wr wb
    I m from Pakistan but my friend from Malaysia she need to come Pakistan for marrry with me in Pakistan. But Malaysia Religion office required From Pakistan Religion office Permission letter and Unmarried certificate from Union council
    Please tell me which I need to Complete for this process

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