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What is Fard, Intiqal, Tattima Registry, Khasra, Garrdawri, Sale Deed.


Q. What is meant by Fard Malkiat?
A. Fard Malkiat also known as (Record of Rights/ Jama Bandi/Misal Haquiat/Register Haqdaran-e-Zameen) maintained for determination/record of various types of rights in the immovable property.

Q. What is Mutation (Intiqal)?
A. Mutation is a document containing an order by a revenue officer; who must be at least an Assistant Collector of grade III, whereby an entry in the record of rights is to be altered, changed or mutated in revenue record.

Q. What is meant by Tattima Registry?
A. Tattima means “supplementary”and Tattima Registry means supplementary sale deed in specified area.

Q. What is meant by Khasra?
A. Khasra is a piece of land with specific measurements and a specific number.

Q. What is Khasra Garrdwari?
A. Register Kharsa Gardwari is a register maintained for record of possession/cultivation.

Q. What is meant by Survey?
A. A drawing or map showing the precise legal boundaries of a property, the location of improvements, easements, rights of way, encroachments, and other physical features.

Q. Is mutation is a title document?
A. No, mutation is not a title document.

Q. What is the name of the document, which creates title in immovable property?
A. Register Sale Deed (Registry /Baye-Nama) is a document, which creates a title in the immovable property.

Q. What is meant by Conveyance Deed or Sale Deed?
A. Conveyance Deed or Sale Deed is a deed document by which the title of property is conveyed by the seller to the purchaser. Conveyance is the act of transferring ownership of the property from a seller to the buyer. Deed document will help you ascertain whether the property, which you are buying, is on land belonging to any development authority, society, builder in which the property is located, whichever the case may be.

Q. From where I can obtain my house documents or title deeds of my property?
A. You can obtain your house documents or title deed documents from office/department by which title of the house was conferred or transferred.

Q. What laws generally deal with real estate in Pakistan?
A. Among the laws, which deal with real estate in Pakistan, are The Transfer of Property Act, 1882, Land Revenue Act, 1967, Stamp Act, 1899 and Registration Act, 1908.

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