What is Legal Notice In Pakistan


What is Legal Notice

If you believe that violating your legal rights or privileges in Pakistan. You may also knock the door of law in situation when any loss or damage has been inflicted on you, or you simply feel aggrieved due to a civil wrong committed against you or your property. The first step towards this direction would be to evaluate your legal options and serving a legal notice on the persons / company / institution responsible for your loss, damage or grievance. On your behalf we can evaluate the whole situation and serve legal notice to such persons. We can even negotiate a possible settlement. You will find our assistance highly valuable in recovering your losses and claiming damages.

Serving legal notices before initiating legal proceeding in Pakistan There are several laws to start litigation must send prior legal notice like The Code of Civil Procedure, Punjab Consumer Protection Act, 2005, Punjab Rented Premises, Act 2009, Defamation Ordinance, 2002, Factories, Act 1934, Copyright Ordinance, 1962, Patent Ordinance, 2000, Trade Mark Ordinance, 2001. Several methods that you should think about and use it, your case can be settled through issue legal notice first and wish to resolve matter amicably  out of the court  through arbitration, negotiation, mediation or any other settlement if opponent party not respond or act upon on your legal notice or the dispute cannot be settled amicably within fourteen (14) days from the date on which either Party has served written legal notice on the other of the dispute then you can file lawsuit in concern court with damages.

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