What safety precautions should I take before buying property or real estate in Pakistan

What safety precautions should I take before buying property or real estate in Pakistan?


 Before buying property in Pakistan a complete and thorough probe in respect of title of the seller to the real estate must be carried out. A general practice is to investigate title of the current seller and any previous owner. Original title document in favor of the vendor must be obtained along with other relevant documents including mutation in favor of the vendor, a fresh copy of fard, aks shajra and no-objection certificate or non-encumbrance certificate as the case may be. If the vendor is selling the property in the capacity of an attorney of the owner then it must be ensured that the power of attorney is duly registered with the relevant sub-registrar. A holder of a forged and fabricated power of attorney is not at all able to transfer a valid title in an immovable property to a third party.

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