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 Law Society Pakistan The Law Firm is sister concern of  Bajwa Law Chambers which was                                                                       Rafique Ahmad Bajwa    established  since 1962 in  Lahore, Ch. Rafique Ahmad Bajwa Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan late was the founder of Bajwa Law Chamber. Sir Shauket Rafique Bajwa Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan joined legendary Ch. Rafique Ahmad Bajwa in 1973. Ch. Rafique Ahmad Bajwa Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan late was a great legal mind and he made an early  recognition in the field  of  law. soon after starting advocacy he became renowned  lawyer  and was very well respected in fraternity, he was great political mind and is one of the most undisputed and respected political leader in history of Pakistan.we had been connected with lot of historical constitutional  cases we have also played a vital part in establishing case law on many vital law points. After the demise of the  legend, Sir Shauket Rafique Bajwa Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan became CEO of Bajwa Law Chambers and under his supervision and guidance Law Society Pakistan “The Law Firm”, sister concern of Bajwa Law Chambers was created to meet with the requirements of  modern era. After creation of Law Society Pakistan “The Law Firm”, we went online and  started providing legal services to overseas clients.This step made over recognition globalised and presently we have considerable number of individual  international clients, multinational companies, Since 1962 Bajwa Law Chambers/ Law Society Pakistan “The Law Firm” is providing best legal services to litigants, without exaggeration,    we have thousand of satisfied clients around the globe.The law society Pakistan facilitates and provide services that enable a single window reliable and accountable service operation for a wide array of needs. this means we work through umbrella of selected professionals who are experts in their own fields and have been verified & approved by our team.

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