Procedure and Lawyer for Court marriage in Pakistan

Court marriage is a formal union of a man and a woman, typically solemnized by legal procedure in the court of law. By which they become husband and wife. In Pakistan such a court marriage is solemnized before the marriage registrar of the area. Where both or any of the parties to such a marriage reside or available. Our lawyers are experts of court marriage in Pakistan. Moreover, we also provide services for online court marriage in Pakistan. we keep client secret in confidential and we do not have any hidden charges.

How you proceed.

Constitution of Pakistan has given Right of Liberty to choose a person to marry with. Our family lawyer in Lahore supports the youth so that their desires should be fulfilled through Marriage. Besides, there are other reasons causing raise of court marriage in Pakistan for example, late marriages. Rise in education level and increased contact among the members of opposite sex etc.

Nowadays, rise in education level has changed the way of life in Pakistan. Still our society is conservative on this particular Issue of court marriage. Parents also treat their children as a property of their family rather than a living person. Furthermore, due to rise in court marriage trends the incidents of honor killing are also increasing. So it’s important that life and liberty of the court marriage couple should be protected by state.

So at last not least, grownups reaching age of marriage can fulfill their wish of marriage. Using their free will through court marriage and adopting the legal procedure. Above all, the couple performing court marriage should be protected. So that they can enjoy there right of court marriage in Pakistan.

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Documents required for Court or Online Marriage.

Both should have valid CNIC.  In case if non-availability of CNIC a passport or Matriculation certificate can also be used. Secondly, there should be two marriage witnesses. In case you are unable to manage then we can help with that as well.

1-Six passport size photos of the bride.

2-Free will affidavit from Girl’s side.

3-In case of second marriage then valid Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate of deceased partner.


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We also provide Following Post Nikkah Nama Services at the Expense of Clients:

Translation of Nikkah Nama  in Urdu to English & Arabic etc.

Preparation of NADRA Computerized Nikah nama (which is in English & Urdu both Languages)

Foreign Office Attestations of Following Documents:

Attestation from required Embassy

We Extend our Professional Services for Attestation of Your Documents From Foreign Office.

a)    NADRA Nikah Nama

b)    Arabic Translation of Nikah nama.

c)    Urdu Nikah Nama

d)    Educational Documents

e)    Birth Certificate

f)     All other Documents required attestation From Foreign office.

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  1. Christian converted muslim woman, can she be married to muslim guy (2nd marriage ) without first divorce. As muslim guy claims its allowed due to becoming muslim fact.

    1. If christian ✝️ woman converted Muslim and his christian husband refused to converted Islam then her marriage will dissolve automatically and she can marry with Muslim guy.

  2. I have to ask that is it permissible to not inform your parents about court marriage and if you have done court marriage without knowledge of your parent do you still have leagal protection by law or permission from parent is required if they oppose the marriage then one is permitted to do court marriage

    1. If you are 18 or above 18 you don’t need any permission from your parents. Your court marriage will valid under the law of Pakistan even International law also approved this marriage.

  3. Ap ko WhatsApp per phone kar saktay Hein aik online nikah karwana hai urgent fees ju be hu ge Hum pay karien gay urgent Karna hai. Ap ka kese ney baytaya tha Kay sahi Kam kartay Hein. Please reply

  4. Hi,
    Me and daughter of my aunt wants to marry with each other but her father and brother is not agree can we marry each other?
    My girl dont have an id card and also not a single certificate.

  5. Assalamoalikum
    Can a man go for a second marriage without the permission from first wife as per law. If so please give reference as well.

  6. The muslim guy can allowed to married 3 girls even the first and second wife not accepted to married another girl for the third wife?
    And I have question also attorney in mutawa or imam is legal marriage in Pakistan or not?or need to go in court?

  7. Main sir court marriage karna chahta hn but Larki ke age 16 hai plz guide karain k court marriage ho sakti hai

  8. My bf converted to islam recently for marriage and he’s not Pakistani , what are the documents required for it and how can i marry ? Kindly help and resolve it.

  9. Sir ma court marriage karna chata hu hum 2no quetta ma rata ha par Huma Ghar sa bhair nai nelkal sakta mare to Kay hum online court marriage kar sakta ha or Is pa ktna karcha ay ga

  10. I am foreigner but my gf is pakisthani. Her parents are not agree. So i want to do court marriage with her. She is 22 years old but lost her id card and certificate. Without her id card and certificate, can we do court marriage?