Online Marriage in Pakistan

The procedure of Online marriage in Pakistan.

Online marriage in Pakistan is a formal union of a man and a woman. Typically solemnized under Muslim family laws ordinance. A legal procedure by which they become husband and wife. The trend of online marriage in Pakistan nowadays is very common. Besides, very easy like court marriage. This right is for every citizen of Pakistan. Above all, for those who live abroad or in the far villages or urban areas of Pakistan. Moreover, do not have time to travel and attend their marriage. Are unable to physically appear at the time of the “Nikah” marriage ceremony. Therefore, need to perform online Nikah or online marriage in Pakistan.

Proxy Marriage in Pakistan.

In other words, online marriage is also called proxy marriage. The bride and groom are not present at the same place and time. Therefore, online Nikah or online marriage in Pakistan is performed mostly on a video call.

This is solemnized before the marriage registrar. Commonly known as a Nikkah Khawan. Belonging to the area where both or any of the party resides. Finally, Online Nikah in Pakistan is registered according to Pakistan’s Islamic Laws.

Online marriage, who signs the nikah Nama.

At the time of online marriage, if either the bride or groom is not present. The absent party appoints an online lawyer. A special attorney through the written document. Furthermore, giving permission to sign the Nikah Nama. It is a bit complicated so it is better to hire a competent Family lawyer. Very well versed with the knowledge of family laws in Pakistan as well International law.

Documents are required for online marriage in Pakistan?

1- Copies of CNIC of both Bride and Groom (or Passport copy if Id not available or any other proof of identity.)
2- Six Passport size Photo.
3- Letter of Wakeel Appointment/ permission letter
4- Two witnesses with their copy of CNIC.
5- If the groom is performing a second marriage. Then permission for second marriage is required.
6- In the case of the bride’s second marriage. A valid Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate of a deceased partner is needed.
7- Expenses of Nikah/Marriage Service.

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How to start an online marriage process.

Firstly, make an appointment with our expert online marriage lawyer. Moreover, you need to provide the required copies of the documents.  After receiving the documents date and time of Nikah is settled. Furthermore, the absent party will appear online on a conference call on the settled date and time.

In the video conference. The nikah registrar, in the presence of witnesses performs Nikah. Later, Nikah Registrar will Complete all 4 Nikah Nama. Moreover, the bride, groom, or their Online lawyer, Witnesses, will Sign the Nikah Nama. Moreover, the nikkah registrar put his seal on the Nikah nama.

Furthermore, if both parties are not present at the time of Nikah. Moreover, they do want to appoint a special attorney. Then we send  Nikah Nama for their Signatures through registered mail.

Our worldwide satisfied clients enjoy happy married life.

We provide services for online marriage or online Nikah. Furthermore, services for translation and document verification are also available. Many Couples throughout the World, mostly in UAE, US, Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Norway, Germany, Canada, Kuwait, and more enjoy their happy married lives.

Translation services are available.

1-Translation of Nikkah Nama From Urdu to English or Arabic.
2-Preparation of NADRA Computerized Nikah nama (which is in English & Urdu Languages)
3-Foreign Office Attestations of Following Documents Mentioned under serial No. 4 below:
4-We Extend our Professional Services for the Attestation of Your Documents from the Foreign affairs of Pakistan.

online marriage in Pakistan

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