Permission of Second Marriage In Pakistan.

Permission of second marriage in Pakistan can get from Union council. It is a complicated procedure mostly first wife refused to give permission. Even if wife is not agreed to give permission for second marriage. Husband can apply for permission in the union council according to the second marriage laws in pakistan. But there should be solid grounds for second marriage then union council can give permission to husband for second marriage in Pakistan.

How to get permission of second marriage in Pakistan

Mostly people asked these questions of second marriage laws in Pakistan and how to get permission of second marriage in Pakistan. According to the  Muslim Family Laws Ordinance for getting permission in Pakistan you have to file An application.

Second marriage laws in Pakistan.

THE MUSLIM FAMILY LAWS ORDINANCE 1961(VIII of 1961) Section 6 Sub-section (1).No man, during the subsistence of an existing marriage, shall, except with the previous permission in writing of the Arbitration Council, contract another marriage, nor shall any such marriage contracted without such permission be registered under this Ordinance.

Section (2) An application for permission under sub-section (1) shall be submitted to the Chairman in the prescribed manner, together with the prescribed fee, and shall state reasons for the proposed marriage, and whether the consent of existing wife or wives has been obtained thereto.

Section(3) On receipt of the application under sub-section (2), the Chairman shall ask the applicant and his existing wife or wives each to nominate a representative. And the Arbitration Council so constituted may, if satisfied that the proposed marriage is necessary and just, grant, subject to such conditions, if any, as may be deemed fit, the permission applied for.

In deciding the application for permission of second marriage the Arbitration Council shall record its reasons for the decision and any party may. In the prescribed manner, within the prescribed period. and on payment of the prescribed fee, prefer an application for revision, to the Collector concerned. And his decision shall be final and shall not be called in question in any Court.

On which grounds husband can get second marriage permission from union council.

Most of time first wife never give second marriage permission in any circumstances. Under second marriage laws in pakistan the chairman of union council have to see the reason for permission.

In considering whether another proposed marriage is just and necessary during the continuance of an existing marriage the Arbitration Council. Any without prejudice to its general powers to consider. What is just and necessary, have regard to such circumstances, as the following reasons.

Sterility,  physical infirmity,  physical unfitness for the conjugal relation.  Willful avoidance of a decree for restitution of conjugal rights, or insanity on the part of an existing wife.

If husband already filed suite for conjugal rights ( Bazoo Dawa) and got decree from in his favor then he can get permission from union council.

Punishment for Husband if he marry an other women  without getting Permission of second marriage.

If a husband marry another women without getting permission of second marriage in Pakistan. Either from first wife or from union council he will get punishment of one year and as well fine of Rupees of five hundred thousand.

The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 states that a man is required to submit written permission from his first wife. If he wishes to marry another woman. If a man is found guilty of violating the law, then he may be imprisoned for a year.

Section (5) Any man who contracts another marriage without the permission of the Arbitration Council shall.

(a)  pay immediately the entire amount of the dower, whether prompt or deferred, due to the existing wife or wives, which amount.

if not so paid, shall be recoverable as arrears of land revenue; and

(b) on conviction upon complaint be punishable with the simple imprisonment which may extend to one year and with fine of five hundred thousand rupees.

Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961 laws are applicable to the person who possesses the national identity card. And second marriage law in Pakistan are not apply on foreigners. The second marriage laws in pakistan are only apply citizen of pakistan even where ever live in this world.

what does impact on second marriage without out permission

According to Sharia law there is no need to seek permission of the first wife. But in Pakistan If a man does not seek permission from his wife and the union council before remarrying. He be punished under the law of the land, but his second marriage will remain valid.

Without Permission no man can contract second marriage in Pakistan

During the subsistence of an existing marriage, no man shall contract another marriage except with the previous permission in writing of the Arbitration Council. According to  the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 second marriage laws in pakistan related to polygamy.

What is Polygamy in Pakistan

In Pakistan when a husband  is married to more than one wife at a time, its called Polygamy and sociologists call this polygyny 

Case law on Second Marriage.

In second marriage law in pakistan the Honorable Lahore High Court Judgment. Declares that permission from arbitration council is sufficient for contracting a second marriage in the presence of first wife.

Citation Name : 2010 PCrLJ 950 LAHORE-HIGH-COURT-LAHORE
Side Appellant : SHAMIM MAI
Side Opponent : ALLAH DITTA
S.6(5)—Criminal Procedure Code (V of 1898), S.417(2)—Special leave to appeal against acquittal.
Trial Court had acquitted the accused under S.249-A, Cr.P.C. of the charge under S.6(5) of the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961. Arbitration Council of the. Union Council concerned had permitted the accused for second marriage, which was the only requirement of second marriage laws.
Impugned judgment dismissing the private complaint of the complainant was based on cogent and convincing reasons. Accused after his acquittal by trial Court had assumed double innocence. Special leave to appeal was refused to the complainant in circumstances and her petition was dismissed accordingly.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Asalam o Alaikum.Meri wife 1 year se naraz ho kr maekay gai hui hai boht koshish K bawjood wo nai a rhi maine Abadkari ka dawa b dayer kiya mgr phir b wo paish nai hui main boht preshan hun please meri rehnumai kray k main bay ra rawi ka shikar na ho jaun.muje physically ground pr rehnumai Frmayen.

    1. Aap us dawa ki copy apny as rakho.aur aecond marriage kr lo.aap k liye wohi certificate hay.

    2. You have done something wrong with her so she isn’t coming back.
      Rozana Toba k 2,2 kr k 4 nafal prhain.Rab.e.kareem we muafi mango or ainda tang nhi krna. Allah us k dil mai rehm daal dy ga Inshallah.
      Waldain se elehda rkho. Sirf mian biwi.
      No one else.
      Ghr bs jay ga.

  2. Its been a year since i am married Alhamdulilah. But can i add a new clause to my nikkah nama NOW that my husband cant re marry till im in his nikkah?

  3. Hello Sir, I got married around 10 years ago, Have no kids till now. Can I go legally for 2nd marriage based on above mentioned scenario. Moreover my wife will not be agreed for 2nd marriage. Kindly guide.

    1. Hello sir meri shadi ko 3 year’s ho gaye hai opreshan me wife ki ek 1 tuop doctors ne cat liya ta to ab maa neh ban pa rehi yani ke 3 saal ho gay hai bachay neh hai kya main is buniyad pr ijazet name ly sakta hu please sir tell me

  4. Someone offered to be his 2nd wife. I am not from Pakistan by the way. I am now seeking a held and advise as i did not know the Pakistan law. However, i asked him why do you need a second wife which you already have a wife. He told me that they were not living together as they did not understand and love each other. Even they talked and tried their marriage to be as formal but it was failed. They have a daughter as they talked about itnas what the responsibility of being married. Even the wife told him after birth that if he wanted to remarry again, he can do it. But i am confused because i asked him why not divorce her. He told me that it is not easy as we have a child and my wife told me that i dont want a divorce just leave our marriage go with the flow as per eyes of the people. Please enlighten me. Thank you

    1. in this case the said person need written permission from her wife or it better to get 2nd marriage permission certificate from concern department. then he can performed second marriage.

  5. Kindly provide the clarification about below procedure , can a person file application by itself and what is the prescribed manner for the constitution of arbitration council for getting permission of polygamy? or an advocate will required to do it , what

    An application for permission under sub-section (1) shall be submitted to the Chairman in the prescribed manner, together with the prescribed fee, and shall state reasons for the proposed marriage, and whether the consent of existing wife or wives has been obtained thereto. ”

    1) Can a person file application by itself and what is the prescribed manner / form for the constitution of arbitration council for getting permission of polygamy?
    2) Does an advocate necessarily be required to file an application for above procedure ?
    3) What if the the first wife refuse to give her consent. Will Union council disqualify an applicant on this basis ?

  6. AoA.
    My wife has given me permission verbally for second Nikkah. I want to marry a divorcee/Widow. I live in Islamabad. Kindly guide me about the procedure to get approval. If the wife gives permission willingly, is it necessary to document a reason that could evade the privacy of existing marriage?

      1. Mein dosri Shaadi krna Chahta hoon pehli bivi se koi aulaad ni he Kia mujhe qaanoni ijazat Lena Hogi agar Han to phir pehli bivi ko dosri shadi ki bilawaja shart dena Hogi jab k us mein se aulaad ni Hoi

    1. Peace be upon you
      I bought a house that I named both myself and my wife after some time my wife started fighting with me and my father-in-law made a false request in the police station that my son-in-law wants to kill my daughter and the police closed my house for me.
      It was 3 or 4 months ago that I was upset and now my in-laws live in my house and I am living in my parents’ house.
      It’s been three years since I claimed neither my wife is present in court nor does she respond nor meet the children.
      Now if I want to get married then guide me what to do
      I have three children
      1st 14 years
      2nd 12 years
      3rd 9 years

  7. Aoa

    A common issue as wife left a year ago, and refuse to come back, Can I apply for 2nd marriage?
    If yes please guide how?
    Secondly also mention your consultation charges and time to contact

  8. Hi

    I live in uk and married from pakistan. I have been married for 13 years and live in uk with my wife and 2 kids. I need more kids but my wife can’t have them. Also i visit to pakistan frequently. Can i go for second marriage if my first wife is here in uk. Will i get permission easly to enter for second marriage. Please let me know thanks

  9. sir my sister got divorced almost 3 months ago only 7 days remaining to complete iddat..we are going to re marry her after 2 days when iddat complete..does we require any permission from uc and divorce certificate for re-marry?

  10. Kindly clarify that for second marriage permission from Union council is compulsory or from first wife , Secondly can a person get permission for second marriage solely on the basis that he can afford necessary financial expenses of two wives while he doesn’t have any issue with first wife.

  11. I want second marriage because my wife is not supportive in any manner she don’t cook food and allow me to touch…my house is in name of my wife all the time she taunting and shout nikal jao maray ghar sa she is dominant I can’t take permission from her for second marriage please help what is the procedure

  12. salam sir, i am married but i want to do second marriage with divorce lady, she not involved any relative in it or me to,and my wife is not agreed yet. so please show me the right way if you have kindly.

  13. please let me know the exact wordings to be written on permission document by a 1st wife.
    please let should it be on stamp paper?
    can you help with specimens ?
    how can I register my second marriage in form B?
    pls help

  14. please let me know the exact wordings to be written on permission document by a 1st wife.
    please guide, should it be on stamp paper?
    can you help with specimens ?
    how can I register my second marriage in form B?
    pls help

  15. My wife is living with her parents for 3 years now. They also don’t let me see children. I stopped paying expsenes due to their unreasonable behavior since no one from my in laws nore my wife came when my father died.

    I don’t want custody of my children. But I want to get married again.

    Should I go to union council for permission?

  16. Dear Sir
    My name is Sohail and I am a resident of Faisalabad.
    I was married in 2009 and have two daughters, one 5 years old and the other about 3 years old. My wife was a grumpy woman and despite all the conveniences, fighting was common in the house every day. I endured every abuse for the sake of my daughters. But still my wife leaves home on 27-05-2020. And she also leaves the daughters.
    There is no one else in my house to take care of my daughters.
    I need guidance on how to remarry because I am worried about my daughters.

      1. Sir meri shadi ko 5 saal ho gaye hain bachy nai hain main dosri shadi karna chahta hoon meri wife dosri shadi k liye ijazat nahi day rahi
        Mujhy kiya karna chaye

  17. 4 july 2020 se 2 shadio ka hukum jari ho raha hy or agar mard iski khilaf warzi kryga to usy umar qaid ho sakti hy or agar wife 2nd marrige k liye mana karygi to usy bhi umar qaid hogi…

    Kiy hai low waqi m araha hy ya fake news hy????

  18. my question is .. first wife gave permission verbally .. but she is not agree to give written permission ? pls advise will UC reject / disqualify application for second marriage on this base because she is not giving permission in written
    he got married (first) 17 years ago, he has no child … He wants 2nd marriage for child ..

    or there is possibility to accept application for second marriage by UC

  19. want second marriage because my wife is not supportive in any manner she don’t cook food and allow me to touch because become sick if I touch her and abusive too in front of kids and she abuse all the time to kids.i have three kids.we are living in canada. I am not sure, this marriage can be keep going or not.she is allowing me to have second marriage verbally but not written .pl guide me

  20. My marriage took place in Bahawalpur and is registered in the Union Council of Bahalwalpur. While I am a resident of Faisalabad. So where do I have to contact the union council for a second marriage permit?

  21. 4 july 2020 se 2 shadio ka hukum jari ho raha hy or agar mard iski khilaf warzi kryga to usy umar qaid ho sakti hy or agar wife 2nd marrige k liye mana karygi to usy bhi umar qaid hogi…

  22. Salaam Sir, I am working in Dubai and my wife went to her mother home in March without my permission and without any valid reason and she also took gold of 7 tola which I made for her as haq meher and moreover she is pregnant too.. so yesterday i told her again to go back to my home but she refused as she said when you come then i will decide. so I’ll not go now and will think in simply she is not willing to be with me as a wife but just she making exuses to get divorce from my side and take all gold of 10 tola but I can’t afford it Sir as just I married at oct.2019 and spent around 15 lac and also my baby will come after 2 months انشاءاللہ but I’m very worried about these people behaviour, please guide me according to law of Pakistan That what I can do Thanks

      1. Sir definitely i will go to 2nd marriage, so can i direct take permission from union counsel without my first wife consent?

  23. A.o.a sir mera bhai second marriag krna chahta ha uski wife uski sexual desires pori ni kr paa rahi wo us sy satisfy ni ha one and half year ho gya ha shadi ko lekn wo us sy satisfy ni ha ap plzz bta den k unko union council allow kry gi r kya method ho ga

  24. Asalam o alikum

    My 1st wife is a foreigner who is Muslim and she has given me permission to marry second time in Pakistan for children. What do I do sir? She is from Mauritius and living in England by holding a British passport.

    My 1st marriage was in Pakistan and we both hold a marriage certificate of NADRA

  25. I want to ask that my husband is threatening me to get 2nd marriage even we have 3kids and I am pregnant now he is not giving me any right about finances means I am doing job and studying and my all outside work has done by my father and now he is saying I have to marry 2nd time because I r not upto the mark

  26. Mai ne pehli shadi ki 2016 Mai jisko nadra Mai registration na Kara saka, or dusri shadi ki 2019 Mai jiski registration nadra Mai hugayi h or us par azdwaji hasiat ghair shadi shuda darj Hui hai,

    Ab Mai chahta ho k Jo shadi pehly 2016 Mai Hui h usko Nadra Mai register kra doun.

    Braey meherbani Meri rehnumayi kijiye.

    Mai kistrah pehli shadi ki registration kraon???


  27. My husband is doing second marriage under the pressure of his parents he want to keep me as well but I didn’t allow him for second marriage he is just sending me first divorce with the Intention of keeping me as he don’t want to leave me. Only on the basis of one divorce can he do second marriage leaving behind two which he don’t want to give me

  28. I am already married with 2 kids and also marry with second wife. Could you please advise how I can registered my second marriage as well?

    or if i will not registered second marriage in Nadra, what will be the impact?

    1. T59 This Secon marriage is mutasadam hay with Sharia Islamis in islam there is no resteriction for second marriage or third or fourth and according constution of Islamic republic of Pakistan in its prehemble it is clear cut written that no law can be pass in national Assembally that mutasadam hiwith Shariat Islam or mutasadam ho with Constutiin of Pakistan. So in eyes of law this law is totally unaccptable according to Islamu Shariat as well as according to contitution of Pakustan si we As a Pakustan Men naver accept this law either we married or want ti second marriage this is dakhola law. I think all lawyer and jurists and judges of High courts as well as suprem court why not take suo moto against this unjustice. While the National Assembaly badly expise and not consider its impacr on Pakistani society and thay shows extrairdinary involvement to approvr this nansance law only for mimbatty mafia he did so asa law On my foot tou we regret such kaw. Muhammad Ayaz.

  29. AoA
    I have been married since 2013, have 3 kids alamdullillah, and have done my second marriage in 2k20. what is the procedure to go registration of my second marriage? first one is already registered in NADRA.

  30. Jurisdiction ?
    application for permission of 2nd marriage


    According to residence of wife ‘s parrents or wife
    residence of husband

  31. Assalam o alaikum! There is a person who was got married by his parents at the early stage of 17-18 years but now he don’t like his wife and there is no understanding between them and his wife used to libe at her parents home since 2 years in Canada . Even they both don’t talk to one another. And the man wants to divorce the first one but he can’t divorce her as his parents wrote HAQ MAHAR of 70 lacs and a house and the person can’t pay that immediately and he wants to do a second martiage but her first wife is not giving him permission rather she gave him a notice. So pls guide. Is there any solution?